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  1. We just got this email. From my understanding it means they are approved? Please tell me I’m right 😭 CEAC status says “READY” for interview.
  2. Thank you! I’m glad everything worked out for you and your husband! I’m hoping we get the same thing. Thank you for your input. All the information about my parents employment and travel history are all stated on DS-260. My father’s police clearance shows the years he was residing in the middle east. I am certain there are no lies on the applications that we submitted as well as having no idea about the visa application that showed up on the embassy system. I wish we have more info on what application they found on the system. This waiting game is killing me but I’m just hoping we get to provide whatever they need when we receive the email instructions..I’m also hoping it was just a glitch on the system 😓
  3. Nobody in our family/relatives have borrowed my parents passport. I have uncles that used to work in the middle east as well but the rest of family/relatives don’t have the financial ability to apply for US Visa. My parents have all the required and latest police clearances from the Philippines and the middle east and they were presented during the interview. The consul said they are good with the documents but she needs more time to clarify and verify. I don’t want to think of the worst but what could be the worst case scenario?
  4. They have common first names but not the middle and last names. My mother just gave birth to my sister on 2003 and my father was working in the middle east in 2004 and they are very certain that they didn’t apply for any US visa. It’s so stressful specially I have never read about anything like this before 😢
  5. Hello, thank you so much for your input! I ended up uploading the files and submitting them before the interview. No additional documents were asked during the interview and it seemed like my parents had everything. They still got 221g but for some other reason. Appreciate you guys!
  6. Hello, everyone. My parents had their interview yesterday at Abu Dhabi and they got sent home with their passports. They have all the required documents even their old passports, they answered all the questions but towards the end of the interview the consul asked if they have applied for visa before and they said no. The consul said my parents have visa applications from 2003-2004 showing up on the system. However, they have never submitted any applications and my petition is the very first time! They were sent home with their passports and was told that the embassy needs further “clarification” and to wait for an email for instructions. Their visa status now says “refused” on CEAC. Has anyone experienced this or heard about this kind of experience?
  7. Thank you so much guys! So I just log in and upload documents? No need to contact the NVC or the Embassy? Also, I totally forgot to mention that my parents interview are going to be in Abu Dhabi. Would it be the same thing? Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone. My parents are going to have their visa interview in 2 weeks. We did their DS-260 application on January of 2021 and didn’t have my 2021 tax return yet during that time. Because of that, I’ve only uploaded 2018, 2019, and 2020 copies. My question is, now that I have 2021 tax return do I need to upload it to CEAC? Or bringing it in the interview would suffice? We also ordered new NBI and police clearance from other countries for farther expiration dates. Please advise. Thank you!
  9. Hello, everyone. I have submitted I-130 for my Mother and Father and they got approved last month. I am on the process of answering the I-864 form but I have few questions and concern. My income barely meets the 125% Poverty guidelines for household of 3. Hence, I am using my husband as a joint sponsor. From what I understand, I have to submit separate Affidavit of Support for each parent. My question is, can I use my husband as a joint sponsor for both of them? Also, on the part of the form seen on the attached image, I am confused as to what to answer. Do I include my father on my Mother’s I-1864 household size and vice versa? Any help and enlighten would be greatly appreciated!
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