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  1. This ^! Different company, but that's what almost happened when his EAD was expiring - despite the fact that he provided a copy of his GC to 3 different people (two in HR, and his immediate boss) immediately after he received it.
  2. Ah really? I hadn't heard this before - is there something I can find on the USCIS site that references this?
  3. Having it be part of the background check isn't something I'd thought of - thanks! Supposedly the background check for this specific job is only through the state patrol though so I'm not sure if that would still apply, but interesting possibility nonetheless.
  4. His green card will be expiring in the middle of this assignment - hence why we'd like to avoid using it altogether. He's also had employers claiming that even if the GC is not used on the I-9, they still want to make photocopies of it, which I also find strange.
  5. Hello, My SO has had a couple different jobs so far in the US, and so far every single one of them has insisted that he use his green card (from list A), instead of his drivers license (list B) + unrestricted SSN card (list C). My understanding is that it is illegal for employers to dictate the documents used on the I-9 - so why do they keep doing this? One of his new job prospects (he's already been "hired", but is still in the background check process) is also claiming that because it is a school district, he is "required" to use his green card instead... I think this is also incorrect and just some human resources BS. Any thoughts? Or advice on how to approach?
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