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  1. Indeed! See you in the waiting room! It's usually 1-2 business days until the letter is displayed which will confirm your appointment time.
  2. Looks like we're interview-buddies for the same day. What time is yours? Mine is at 9:45AM
  3. I have no idea about the app, I'm afraid. I've only been checking the website once a week to see if anything changed.
  4. From what I understand it can be 1-1.5 months after the notice that your interview was scheduled. I'll update here once I actually know when my date is (the letter has not yet appeared in documents)
  5. No, nothing like that. It went from "We reviewed your biometrics" (which was the status for over a year) to "We scheduled your interview".
  6. Finally -- my status changed today to "We scheduled your interview". Will update once the letter shows on my documents tab / arrives here, but it's finally done.
  7. Same here -- I had nothing really showing for me, then this morning it came up as 12 days. So, we'll see!
  8. Can confirm, after speaking to an Immigration Officer this morning, that the Seattle Field Office is incredibly backlogged. They had to push ETA's out 2-3 months for each N-400 application because they simply were unable to sustain the volume. He was empathetic but did state that the only thing which can be done at the present time is, indeed, to hurry up and wait
  9. If you filed in September of 2018, there's nothing to do. I filed in April of 2018 and have yet to hear anything which is currently within their normal case processing times. Sit tight and wait patiently, it seems.
  10. I applied on April 17 2018 and I have not yet been scheduled, FYI.
  11. No, calling them is honestly a fairly substantial waste of time. The earliest time you can even request for an update due to excessively long waiting is September 2017 at the moment in Seattle -- so all we can do is wait.
  12. *sigh* my status updated this morning -- now showing August 2019 as an estimated completion date. Since I filed in April of 2018 this seems somewhat excessive.
  13. It should start happening soon. I filed April 17 2018 -- based on the 14 month average, I should be set to receive a notification in the next week or so for the interview which is likely to be at the end of June.
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