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  1. Not permanent move. It's just 3 or 4 months to get some experience from working there. Then I'll be back to WA state hunting for a job. Will that affect my application and processing time ?
  2. Help clarify please: I have been in WA state since I got married in July 2015. I only left the states for 5 or 6 weeks vacation intermittently since then. Now I potentially have a job in different state, and I applied for citizenship through my wife and my processing time in February 2020. So if I left WA state to live in a different state from now until February, will that affect my eligibility of being a citizen ?
  3. After biometric today, my status moved from May to March 2019? That doesn't sound very promising but a good step. I am in Seattle
  4. I got a prometric appointment letter online on March 12th, but have not gotten it in the mail yet. Can I just print out the prometric letter and walk in tomorrow or Friday? The reason why I am asking this because I have a travel next week and won't be back until later after my actual appointment will be passed.
  5. Anyone knows if I have to update my global entry after I have received my 10 y GC?
  6. I got a prometric appointment today and it says my case completion is may 2020. Is tha a final date or things might get faster than that sometimes? Is there anything to expedite it?
  7. Wil do. Do I have to update my global entry when I received my 10 year GC? I applied last year to global entry when I had my conditional GC.
  8. So is that interview for n400? And how come you got one really fast in 3 months period ? Here in Seattle it takes 13 months to get an interview. What office area you applied to?
  9. I requested a call with uscis officer and they as you said I have the option to request correction now or later. But the interesting thing he said it should fine if information on my GC match the info printed on their records. And yes it matches that I became a resident since April not February. That's a relief at least when I am at the airport that there is no discrepancy between my current card dates and what it shows in their records at this moment. So it won't give a red light. He said If it matches then I am good to go. And when I come back from my travel i can file -190 if I need to. Another important thing he said is what it matter most about this date is my eligibility of becoming a citizen and I am already eligible and I submitted my n 400. I am glad that the mistake is in the month not in the year. Thank God so I think I won't be bothered filing for 1-190 whether sooner or later. Your opinion is still appreciated?
  10. Good to know. Do you know about Seattle office ? What they do? I would like to have the GC whit me when I travel overseas. Makes my travel easier. But the thing it has error, so when they scan it, it might not work or give red light,and then get stuck. So what should I do?
  11. The thing is I will be gone until April. So is it okay to file 1-190 now online and not return my erroneous GC until I come back in April ? And what can determine emergency or no? Like if I called uscis and told them about my travel situation will be consider that as an emergency and have me walk in for a stamp ?
  12. I have an error in resident since date in my 10 year GC. Month should be February instead of April. I am thinking about to have info pass and 1-155 stamp. But having the actual GC with me while overseas make things easy especially at countires don't require Visa when I have GC. So what should I do ? Should I just travel with the current GC that has error be fine ? Or should I get the stamp and keep the card with me ? And can I get stamp or no ? I don't want to return my card yet.
  13. Interesting. I am calling them again now. But basically you can schedule info pass appointment with no restrictions. Is there a reason or question on why do you want info pass appointment? I read from a commenter here he has got 2 stamps while he has his GC with him still.
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