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  1. Great to know thanks!! Will I be able to vote ONLINE for all primary and presidential election or it's got to be mailed at some point ?
  2. Hi Y'all, now I am a USA citizen. I tried to log into uscis account but keep saying invalid entry despite my certainty of username and password. Is it because I am done with this journey they closed my online account ? I would like to have access to my online documents I uploaded. Second question, I would like to register to vote, but I am wondering if I can do the whole voting thing Via Email only? I don't like to get anything in the mail since I am moving and traveling frequently. Please let me know if I can register online and vote also in November online as well!?
  3. Things are like marriage certificate, selective service, birth certificate of spouse and kids, passport and green card, taxes,
  4. Approved. Interview was at 10:10 and got in 10:45. Left interview at 11:20. Asked officer I wanna same day ceremony, he said it's up to the scheduler. So Waited outside and then was called for same day ceremony. I think you need to let them know that. Make them a aware of your request. . Anyway, Got ceremony same day. Yay! Officer asked about copies of all documents mentioned here on the forum section. So check them all and take them with you. Ceremony started at 1:30 and finished at 2:30. It was smooth and kinda short day. Next day applied for passport at passport agency and showed I have travel plans the same day. I made an appointment one week in advance at 8 am. There was no line when I arrived. So they picked up my app. And asked me to come back same day at 2 pm. I picked it up. End of story. I wish all the best to my awaiting fellow citizens.
  5. Oh I always thought the standard pages will be enough for 10 years, as usually stamps can be put on top of another.
  6. I am wondering if it's worth it to get the card for $15 extra. I like it because easy to carry in a wallet.
  7. Great thanks. And when I apply for passport book and card together at passport agency to get them at the same day, will they give me both or just the book and the card will be mailed later ??
  8. When filing DS 11 Passport form online it shows the form expiration date is 08/31/2019. Is that an issue at all ? I can't find any updated form on the state.gov site other than this expired one.
  9. Sohopeful, Can you share your experience and interview today? How did it go? What time was it? And why you didn't have same day oath ceremony ? Was the interview for both n400 and I-175 ? Or just n 400? Any weird or tricky questions you had been asked ? Thanks for sharing
  10. Thanks for the details. I hope you hear back from them very soon. Did they ask you anything about taxes for the 2019? Because I didn't file yet. Is it better to file before my interview is end of Feb? Or it doesn't matter since the deadline is April 15th for filing.
  11. Thanks for the details. And congrats! Did they ask you anything about taxes for 2019? Because I didn't file yet. Is it better to file before my interview by end of Feb? Or it doesn't matter since the deadline is April 15th.
  12. When was your interview ? Any info about public parking in the Seattle office ? If I don't wanna pay for paid parking.
  13. Sorry to hear about what happened. So do you owe taxes for previous years or they were talking about this year ? Because most of us didn't file for taxes for 2019 yet, as we are still waiting for W2 forms/document in the mail. Can you clarify what they meant exactly by owing taxes ? And payment plan? As for ceremony, some people say it will take around 2 to 3 wks to be scheduled. You are almost there.
  14. Hi everyone, Just for checking and survey personal purpose, what is the percentage of having same-day Oath ceremony after the interview for those have had early interview time at 10 AM in Seattle office ? Thanks
  15. I've filed Feb 2019. It took exactly a year until my interview in Feb 2020. Did you read more on oath ceremony how long it occurs past the interview or same day in some cases ? What is your data on that ? Thanks
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