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  1. A friend got his immigration visa and will be moving to USA very soon. Can he open a bank account after arrival and before receiving his actual plastic green card and before getting his Social security number so he can transfer his assets from bank to bank . Any response is highly appreciated.
  2. Recently, my daughter got the immigrant visa stamped and needs relocate next month. What is the best safe and legal way to transfer her money to USA its about $600,000 savings in home country bank.
  3. My Down’s Syndrome son will soon be interviewed back home for immigrant visa and I am worried the consular office might consider him inadmissible on grounds that he is likely to become public charge, what documents , financial affidavits or proofs that may help to satisfy the consular officer that he is not and will not be public charge. Any responses highly appreciated.
  4. I am sorry I did not get the point. I am self employed and my total income in 1040 is 93000 while my adjusted gross income is 79000 so which one I have to use? Thanks
  5. Hay guys in part 5 item 7 asking My current individual income and part 6 item 24a,b,c asking My total income( adjusted gross income on IRS form ). I am filing 1040 individual income tax return as single with no dependants where it’s showing total income and adjusted gross income . My question and confusion is Which number I have use in answering part 5 item 7 and which is for part 6 item 34a? Or shall I use only one for both questions ? If this is the case shall I use my total income or adjusted gross income? any response is highly appreciated guys
  6. In completing form I-864 part 5 Q7 asks about current individual income and in part 6 Q 24a,24b,24c it asks about adjusted gross income . What is the difference between the two and where can I find it in my return taxes forms. I am confused and don’t want to make any mistake. Any response please? Thanks
  7. Hello. i am filling the AOS I-864 form to sponsor my 2 daughters who are both in married above 21 years F2B category. Shall I fill 2 separate AOS forms as both of them are principal immigrants or in one form as 1 principal immigrant and one family ones member? Any response is highly appreciated.
  8. Is there any limit for the number of people some one can sponsor ? . I was told that there is a maximum limit for number of persons that can be co sponsored even if the co sponsor’s income is so highly and still above poverty line . Any of you guys knows if it is true or not. Thanks
  9. Thank you Susie for your response. one more thing please. Do I have to submit 3 years return taxes of my co sponsor or only one last year Thank you
  10. Today I got the welcome letter from NVC to start the process to bring my daughter . Is it okay for my cousin who is USC working and living abroad and filing return taxes from abroad to be my co sponsor and sign the affidavit of support I-864 form ?. Thanks
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