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  1. You can still check USCIS website, it will says their when they sent your case to department of state. Also, you can always call NVC to check the status of your case, they will tell you when they have receive your case.
  2. Wow! Congratulations! 💕💕💕 How’s the interview goes? 😊
  3. Yes. Let’s keep updating each other! Hopefully we get a good news soon! 😊 Btw which consulate yours will be at?
  4. Philippines. Yours? Hope we get a good news soon! 😊
  5. Hi! After paying IV and AOS wait 2-3 days until it said PAID and you can start the DS260, AOS and send all your civil documents. On my case I had to scan everything and sent it to CEAC online.
  6. Hello! NVC received our case 10-11-2018 and I received our case number 11-06-2018 via email. Paid IV/AOS 11-7-11 completed Ds260 and sent civil documents on 11-11-2018. Now we just waiting for CC and Interview date.
  7. Hello everyone! Just an update! NVC received our case 10/11/2018 and 11/06/2018 I received a NVC/IV number via email. Goodluck to everyone! ❤️
  8. Me too no invoice number yet. Mine was transferred to NVC oct 3. I’ve been calling NVC every other business day.
  9. Hello guys! I’m new on this forum. I called NVC and the guys said they just received my case Oct 11th and I don’t have a invoice number yet.
  10. Oh okay thank you! One more thing, for part 5 I will still put the same? For each application?
  11. Hello. I have a question again about AOS. My cases just recently approved. I filled two separate case for my spouse and son. Do I have to fill up 2 separate AOS for each of them? OR just one? thanks again
  12. Hello guys!! I have a question about AOS. I have a separate case petition for my spouse and son. Do I have to fill up separate aos form for each? Or one form is enough with their both name on it?
  13. Thank you guys!! ❤️❤️ I was shocked when I received the notification because I was hoping my case will be approve by the end of October (also according to my timeline). We just lucky to got early approval. Praying for you guys that you will hear a good news soon!! See guys at NVC stage!! 💕💕💕