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  1. Just received an Email notice today. Finally!! Thank you God!! ❤️💕❤️ CC: December 6, 2018 Interview Notice: December 17, 2018 Interview Date: January 14, 2019 Embassy: Philippines
  2. Hello guys!! PD 4/23/2018 Just got CC 12/06/2018. I was hoping to get interview date by January or February. ❤️
  3. Congratulations! 🍾🎉 You guys almost there!! ❤️
  4. We have the same issue. My spouse police clearance got rejected too.
  5. Exactly my thoughts!! Lets all hope and pray that we will hear a good news soon! Finger crossed 🤞 Keep us updated my friend! 😊
  6. Ah okay. All we can do right now is to wait ☹️Hopefully all your documents will be accepted.
  7. Will re-submit again and I don’t know how long will have to wait again. Btw, What document did they reject on you?
  8. 😭😭😭 They wat me to send I-864w for my minor son instead of the I-864. Also, for my husband they rejected his police clearance.
  9. Oh wow! I will do it, but I have some questions. Never mind
  10. Hi! Could you help me? NVC requested to submit I-864w for my 7 y/o son.
  11. I got an rejected notice today. 😭😭 How long the process again if I re-submit the documents??
  12. Hello! I have the same issue right now, NVC ask for I-864w fot my 7 year old son. On part 1 Do you fill up the form(petitioner) or it will be the beneficiary?
  13. Just hung in there friend!! 😊 I got my case number 6 weeks after NOA2. You’ll get yours soon!! 👍🏻
  14. You can still check USCIS website, it will says their when they sent your case to department of state. Also, you can always call NVC to check the status of your case, they will tell you when they have receive your case.
  15. Wow! Congratulations! 💕💕💕 How’s the interview goes? 😊