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  1. https://www.borderreport.com/news/study-san-diego-is-third-toughest-city-to-gain-u-s-citizenship/ Philadelphia is the 3rd worst city in the country for Naturalization.
  2. Meanwhile the adminstration is going all out to push for more naturalizations, which is quite perplexing given the backlog. Plenty of statements but zero about reducing the backlong. And Philadelphia is particularly egregious for the area it covers, which is smaller than than Houston and Dallas.
  3. Well you never know, it's possible, they've taken fingerprints already which is quite positive. This admin is making small changes to reduce processing times but I suppose it will take time to see any effect.
  4. Philly is the one of the slowest in the country , 13 months in philly is normal.
  5. So you're saying a 25% increase in applications led to a 100-200% increase in processing times?
  6. So what you’re saying is an increase in processing times for other applications doesn’t impact the n400 processing times? Can you shed some light on how that’s possible? The employees are a pooled set of resources are they not? It’s not a dedicated team working only on N400s.
  7. I have to disagree with you here on all counts, everything you’ve stated here is false. 1. The increase in processing times was NOT primarily due to an increase in applications. Was there an increase in applications, yes but that wasn’t the reason for the 3x increase in processing times. I have looked at the numbers, I’ve looked at the data, and detailed analysis that organizations have put out there. To simply say that trump has nothing to do with increase in processing times is inaccurate. There was an onerous increase in paperwork including the i944, and uscis funds were diverted to ICE, among other things. Read the data - I’m not talking about bleeding heart liberal organizations. Anyone who understands data can see the correlation in the increase in processing times. Even the Cato institute which is NOT a pro immigration organization lays out what changes contributed to the backlog increase. There’s a lot of reports out there I suggest you read it. Data, Data, Data. 2. In Biden’s EO he specifically called out reducing naturalization times so yes, I expect that there will be some reduction. Will it definitely happen? As I said, that’s anyone’s guess. Read his specific EO.
  8. It's really difficult to say, as everyone has pointed out the official posted times are online. Having said that, is it possible that under the new administration that processing time will quicken? It's possible, but whether it will happen or not is anyone's guess. There is some anecdotal information of people having processed sooner but there's so many variables.
  9. Absolutely no relevance to 10 republicans voting to impeach him, but OK. And have fun watching her be VP for the next 4 years.
  10. Given that there were also 10 republicans who voted for it, no, it doesn't help the democrats in any way. But I suppose the deep state "got to them". Edit : The deep state or whatever deranged theory people have to rationalize things these days.
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