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  1. https://www.borderreport.com/news/study-san-diego-is-third-toughest-city-to-gain-u-s-citizenship/ Philadelphia is the 3rd worst city in the country for Naturalization.
  2. Meanwhile the adminstration is going all out to push for more naturalizations, which is quite perplexing given the backlog. Plenty of statements but zero about reducing the backlong. And Philadelphia is particularly egregious for the area it covers, which is smaller than than Houston and Dallas.
  3. Well you never know, it's possible, they've taken fingerprints already which is quite positive. This admin is making small changes to reduce processing times but I suppose it will take time to see any effect.
  4. Philly is the one of the slowest in the country , 13 months in philly is normal.
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