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  1. It’s not just that spreadsheet there’s other threads too. Hope great news coming your way too.
  2. I hope I’m wrong because I filed based on 5 years. It would somewhat make sense that they’re prioritizing 3 years over 5 years because they are relatively lower risk since they have been interviewed before. That’s my assumption, but who knows.
  3. Search for the December 2019 filers thread. There’s a link for the spreadsheet in there.
  4. Anecdotal Visajourney data. For example look at the December 2019 details
  5. Remember though, the priority seems to be for those who are filing based on three years eligibility. If you’re in that category then cause to be hopeful
  6. Very encouraging to hear. @MrTee12 how was the Philly office? Did you see many people there? Was your interview in a room? Some of us filed in November and we are waiting for a first time interview notice.
  7. Very useful tab, validates the perception that they're focusing on those who had I-751s, i.e the 3 year route.
  8. Interesting thread, I think recent data points to 3 year cases being processed much faster. Those who have pending I-751s or had one approved in the past seem to getting interviews ahead of those who filed based on a 5 year timeline.
  9. Congratulations, what was ( and is) the estimate case completion time for you
  10. Hello everyone, any updates from anyone? Anyone call uscis follow up etc
  11. It’s quite possible they haven’t started processing looking at the processing times which jumped considerably. And as you say none of us know anyone in Philadelphia who got their interview, even though it’s a small dataset. Edit. Looks like @fani peer had his mother apply in September 2019 and get approved in February 2020 in Philadelphia
  12. Another person added to this thread, Philadelphia Filer. @walliser
  13. Has any of you actually met anyone from Philadelphia who has had an interview. It seems like this field office is a figment of our imagination.
  14. Yup I’m Philadelphia too, met a few people on here. Going to add them to this forum thread. That makes 5 of us not a whole lot. Filed November 2019, ETC August 2020 @silverline75 @HopeFab
  15. That's the irony of it all, Philly isn't even a big city but now has slower processing times than even Los Angeles and Houston.
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