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  1. Thank u so much and my interview was outside the state..i will check vj timeline .thanks
  2. I am in the same boat with MSC. I filed i-751for my wife on May 04 2020. Received NOA and 18 months extension in June 2020 . Since then we did not hear anything from USCIS. No Biometrics !!!

    1. dady12


      This is sad as i live in florida and wanted to move to texas ,my case look buried with them,which state u file from?keep me posted if u have any good news

    2. KLOVEM


      I filed from Washington State. Also I found something from USCIS website. Is it true that cases starts with MSC suppose to go for Interview??


    3. dady12


      Yes you are right and this is what is what i was told,and local office will have to interview u after they set up the interview,we are in a wrong center with the MSC..only God will speed up the processes

  3. Yes my receipt number start with MSC but when i am trying to check the processing time in uscis website i saw nabraska service centre and there is no national benefit center but i understood what u mean ,the case most likely be forwarded to local office .thanks for the help,senators and reps never reply to the emails that i sent,
  4. Is national service center tha same as nabraska service center? My case was routed to benefit center since april 2020 and no biometric neityer greencard , after calling i was told that i am still under the processing time and when i tried to check i cant see national service center ,i need help on what to do.
  5. About 3 times i scheduled for a call back and no call back while online inquiring 3 times not responded to
  6. Is april 2020 case num MSC. Still on the same bus with me?it is biting hard that since APRiL. 2020 benefit center refused to touch my case and no biometric...what is going on?
  7. Thanks for sharing and i am following all
  8. Yes we are getting a good immigration lawyer who know about waiver soon and after the discussion i will revert back .thanks for your kind advice and your deligent research.i appreciate the effort of everyone who contributed to this thread
  9. I will save this page because i am going to follow all this instructions even if i hire a lawyer.thanks all
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