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  1. I have a called back from tier 2 officer and he told me that the Potomac service center that is processing it are responsible for the termination and until we hear from them the reason for the termination,we cant do more,so he send a request and he said it will take 30days ,i called again and customer rep said i have to write a letter to potomac to re open my case which i did 3days ago do u know anything else i can do?
  2. I called twice and was told that there is no tier 2 officer available , i was asked wait for a call back from now till 14days but i am going to call again tommorow if it can be a bit faster or if i can see a nice customers service than will connect me faster to tier 2 officer
  3. He said tier 2 officer will call me back from now till 14days time so i prayed he is able to restore my file back..i so much appreciate your help,i believe what u said is the reason for the terminations
  4. Ok thank u but i called to customer services and they have me a call back to officer ,i prayed they open it again since they have my card with them They said it going to be 14days so i am going to wait and see what officer will say
  5. It was received 17th on 18th i got this message on my online
  6. The online statue said they received my RFae and if they need anything from me they will inform me but i printed the RFE letter from the online filing and send the card with it
  7. Thank you for the info but my case statue read that they received the card that i mail to them but i saw this message on under document in the online account,my card is already recieved according to the statue ,the pdf file under the statue online show this message n
  8. I file online application to replace my greencard that came with error as CR1, i file to remove condition and was told to file i 90 that i suppose to have IR1 , i file i90 and i got RFE to submit the card ,i did not get the letter on mail so i have to print it from uscis online under document on my online account and return the card to the uscis and check my statue updating to document received..but when i check under document online i saw this attachment
  9. I got an an RFE and submit my card and my statue says receive but i see something under document in my online account and i dont understand it
  10. Ok thank you.i appreciate Did u file online or send to lockbox?
  11. ok thanks but do you think the online will be faster?i was also told to submit my greencard with the form they sent to me
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