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  1. I don't really know how the line got there since you barely can see it under flashlight. That day I was the only one referred to psychiatrist. so no, it is not compulsory evaluation. anyway, I did the consultation, got my medical and have my visa issued.
  2. I was referred to psychiatrist after doctor found some white line on my wrist that was barely visible with flash light. Iwas told I can refuse but didn't want to risk it. wondering if I would fail medical if I refused
  3. I had the same issue last month, took me forever to fill addresses
  4. I was doing my Medical in Kiev at Medicom clinic. And though the whole process was enough pleasant and smooth, there was a glitch that really left negative impression. During doctor check up, she looked at my wrists with flashlight and found thin white line, that you barely can notice and here it is : I was referred to psychiatrist. First I found it funny, but when I saw the bill for consultation I was mad : another 140$. Psychiatrist also couldn't really see that line on my wrist, and said that it looked like burn and not scar. but since the doctor who referred me was in charge of my medical, i had no choice but to go forward with it. I couldn't keep but wondering if it was just a scheme to get extra money from clients However I was asked my contest to conduct evaluation. I do wonder if I refused, would be my medical complete? would it affect my visa?
  5. TT is not that easy to get if you change address. and believe me if it was that easy to get online we would have gotten it. For some reason we are not able to do it, just doesn't work
  6. oh ok, i am on interview stage
  7. which countries were the embassies?
  8. if you send docs electronically maybe but on official website and in instructions to affidavit of support is very clear that your proof of income is either tax transcript or tax return with pay stubs. sometimes to get transcripts online is difficult, like we never could do it
  9. you can submit either tax transcript or tax return. either is acceptable
  10. travelling is just travelling, its not residence, write the places where you actually luved/ were registered
  11. yes, you file for ITIN together with tax return
  12. since you don't have US based income you will use your foreign income and get exclusion for it if it is no more than 103 000$ or so. it's pretty straightforward if your only income is salary.
  13. My father in law is our joint sponsor. For some reason he cannot get online irs transcripts ( we can't do it either, always requested by mail). Getting it by mail for him is problematic too, as mailing address is PO box and he is travelling for a few months. So he provided copy of tax return that was done by accounting firm. my question is 1. there are 52 pages including all schedules and forms , do i use all of them or only 1040 and forms related to his only income?
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