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  1. Just learned that the US Embassy in Cambodia resumed some regular services as of June 3d. I'm not in Cambodia, but it's nice to hear that.
  2. DQ! !!!!! Question: does anyone know a trick on how to read messages in the ceac account ? I click on them but they are black. Their website is so awful it`s frustrating... submitted DS260 March 03, all documents March 10th, added a doc March 28th. DQ may 15th today ! Our docs were so messed up that I was almost positive we would get a RFE.
  3. I think NVC post earlier processing date (such as Feb 13) on their website so that people who submitted after that date would not call them with questions like "when? when? when?" . they say loud and clear when you call them that they are working with reduced staff and asking to not call to check the case status. now that doesn`t mean people won`t, so that`s why they "slow down" their processing. and the cases that do get reviewed later must get their attention somehow to be put in front of the line. that is my theory. solely my opinion. I called them today (remove lawyer issue) and the wait time was very short, so I believe they are not too busy. I am happy with that and not going to call anymore because that does not help with speeding up process and will just let them work. submitted DS260 March 03, most of docs on March 10, added a few docs on March 28th.
  4. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the good news ! We are in the similar situation. my passport is running out by the the end of June (pushing it I know) Can you please tell me what was in your "passport message" ? What did they want ? Thank you !
  5. First of all my information was my opinion that "there is no good excuse to not upload DS 540 at this stage". now I did not say : "you gotta do it or else earth will collapse," did i? The form is in the drop out list under additional documents so that tells you something. It`s everyone`s opinion as to upload docs or not. Just like your lawyer and my ex-lawyer had different opinions in this case. there are multiple cases where one thing applied to some people and another to other. just like some people get approved with date printed on their forms and some get RFE for that. we here provide information and it`s up to people to use their head. DS5540 is needed for Consular processing (NVC) not for AOS is what I meant.
  6. At this point there is no good excuse to not upload DS-5540. and you do need it for the consular processing (NVC). yes, they ask for the health insurance so it would make sense to upload proof of it if he has it. if you plan on adding him to your job health insurance I`d attach a proof such as a letter from employer (we did that and some other people here too) hope it helps
  7. I see. Well I don`t know anything about F2A so I won`t pretend like I do . I hope it all turns out well for you and your husband !
  8. we filed on the march 28th. well, added an additional doc. so we filed around the same time! There is no cap on visas for Immediate relatives. your husband should be able to get interview as soon as your docs are accepted and the embassies reopen. Although you filed for F-2A visa so I am not sure what process is like
  9. Yeah, it doesn`t seem to be necessary but when I used to have a lawyer they asked me for paystubs from the last 6 month and letter from emloyer. not sure why. Anyway I uploaded 2 or 3 paystubs and the letter from employer. I have noticed logic doesn`t apply when it comes to NVC.
  10. As of right not it looks more like 8-10 weeks. sad sad truth. ( like it wasn`t bad enough already ) Who are you applying for ?
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