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  1. I am lucky to be assigned to Potomac. It's not about me though. it's about people who are waiting while tons of I129f are being adjudicated. You said you don't even care if I129f is approved just so that your case is being looked at faster and you know i129f most likely won't be approved. And hell I don't even blame you. But admit that it is ultimately "gambling the system" like someone said earlier.
  2. Yes, it absolutely is. Each person has their own options and no arguments would change one's opinion if it involves reducing wait for the loved one. We all know this feeling. But it's like when you are driving down the road and see the sign "right lane closed", so you move to left one and see all these people driving by trying to squeeze infront of you and next thing you know you all are driving 10 mph on an interstate.
  3. I wasn`t considering filing I129f although being "fortunate" I am still looking at at least 1,5 year of separation at later stages. My point was that extra petition for adjudicators to look at means the time being taken away from someone who has been patiently waiting 14 month for theirs to be adjudicated.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Filing petitions all over the place won`t help the processing times situation for those who are patiently waiting
  5. I have been struggling to find a new good lawyer for a long time now. My case is quite different and complicated so good lawyer is "life or death". I think I read so much that I have a big mess in my head now and I'm all kinds of confused. I did educate myself a lot on VJ, thanks everyone for the info you are sharing!!
  6. Thank you for your input. Thats what seems to be the deal with cases like mine when I google info. but my lawyer said I will most likely have interview in the US, so I am confused...
  7. Thanks for clarifying that. So you are applying for Adjustment of Status? That explains why you got biometrics appointment. We have filied a standalone I130 and I am trying to figure out if I will have biometrics appointment and interview in the US
  8. My goodness that must be nice to have someone you trust to help with this immigration nightmare!!
  9. Hi! When did you get any update about your biometrics appointment? And also, is the beneficiary in the US? Thanks
  10. Congratulations! Have you done your waiver by yourself or used a lawyer?
  11. "The same documents" being the whole I130 case with bona fide evidence or just the stuff that NVC officially asks for, as mentioned on their website? just need a reality check what the officers might ask that might not be specified in official instructions
  12. That`s one thing I am afraid of, like if one day we decide to call USCIS and find out it`s been two weeks since we`re approved, that would be so frustrating ! Can`t rely on their website much seems like. I am still not sure what we are supposed to do after we get approval though. Trying to figure it out now to get ready. I got impression that the whole packet for the consulate interview is a major pain to put together
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