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  1. welcome, i think we were together in the N400 October 2018 thread too
  2. Mailed Jun 28, priority date July 3rd 2019. For my mom. Got IOE receipt number from Nebraska
  3. OK, Finally received the paper notices this weekend. Will open new account as it wont link to my existing one as well. Looks like my mom's case is in Nebraska .
  4. I only received a text message, nothing in the mail yet. How soon after text messages did you get the receipts in the mail? from what i gather the receipt should contain a code for ELIS right?
  5. i have an IOE receipt number too, applied for IR5 for my mom. Only received text with receipt number and so far nothing in the mail. But its been a week since the text but reading what all of you are going through am starting to realize i am in for some pain with this IOE case number.
  6. Guys I received a text but no email saying they received my case and the receipt number is IOE which Is for efiling so am kinda confused. Am waiting for the paper copy in the mail.
  7. Yes, did expedite cos am traveling to England soon and didn't wanna risk the 4-8 weeks one. Lol! i know right ...but i miss my mom so much and as a widow she has nothing holding her @home and she doesn't mind living here with me.
  8. Got my passport a few days ago. Moving over to the i-130 section, have applied for my mom. See you guys over there if any pf you decide to bring family members. Ciao! Am available via private message if anyone needs help with anything
  9. This happened to me too, i had scar tissue from bronchitis. Went for my interview anyway without completed medical. They approved me pending receipt of medical. 6 weeks after culture test came out negative Doc sent my medical to embassy and i was asked to drop off my passport. Visa was issued 3 days later.
  10. Became a citizen yesterday. Thanks everyone for the support during this process ...K1 in 2015 to citizenship in 2019. Its been one hell of a journey. Good luck to all those still waiting.
  11. Thursday can't get here soon enough for me lol! i have waited so long but this week seems to drag to no end. I made an appointment online for USPS passport application for Thursday at 3pm the day i got the corrected oath ceremony letter.
  12. the 45 days really is a lie lol! lets hope something gives on day 90!
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