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  1. Mom's case got Doc qualified. We are now waiting for interview date
  2. My mom's case finally got documentarily qualified. Waiting for interview date now.
  3. They probably did email me, i just haven't been checking my emails much this past month and i did mass delete a few weeks ago thinking there are no important emails. I had been expecting to get reviewed after the COVID-19 order ends thats why i hadnt been paying much attention. But then again embassies are closed so I doubt any interview will be scheduled in the next month or two. Perhaps August?
  4. So most of my documents were accepted a month ago, only made a mistake on one forgot to sign on a page. Hadnt logged in since i submitted March 17th and decide to log in today and see NVC emailed me over a month ago to correct the document lol! *face palm* . Anyway i have corrected and replaced the document. Will just wait for interview notification now. Will check back in 30 days
  5. read the public charge rule thats how they are enforcing the health insurance part. There are many threads on VJ on this and how it was playing out at interviews. Mostly they targeted older immigrants with existing conditions or with sponsors who don't make enough money to satisfy them. If you make a whole lot more than the minimum the possibility of it not being an issue is higher i suspect, but then again who the hell knows?
  6. i think one just has to show when asked that you are able to purchase the health insurance. its being asked for on a case by cae basis. Not everybody is being asked about the public charge rule at interviews. I guess we will just have to wait and see
  7. I have looked at a few. But havent decided yet. My mom is 58 so am not too worried about her health. will just pick up something temporary if the visa process insists on it.
  8. My mom's got approved March 2nd. I have already submitted documents on CEAC. Waiting for feedback from NVC. i suspect with COVID-19 and embasses being closed for non-emergency visas we wont hear back for a while yet on interviews. But i hope they case complete all the same.
  9. been using safari it worked, but last hour it wont work . Have tried chrome to no avail.
  10. Am not even sure what to expect next. I assume i have to wait until i hear from NVC?
  11. i just got an approval too from Nebraska for my mom . Priority date was 07 July 2019. Faster than i could have imagined.
  12. i had scars from bronchitis on my lungs. Had to go through sputum tests. after 6 weeks got my fiance visa.
  13. I just got notification that my mom's case has been approved (case tracker app). Priority date 7 July 2019.Nebraska Service Center, Am kind of shocked because Nebraska is so slow so wasnt expecting anything until at least July or August 2020
  14. I just got notification that my mom's case has been approved. Priority date 7 July, 2019 Nebraska Service Center,
  15. I just got notification that my mom's case has been approved. Priority date 7 July, 2019 Nebraska Service Center,
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