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  1. Did you pay for expedited and where did you apply at ? Thanks
  2. Had my N400 interview yesterday, apart from having to wait extra half hour to be called as there were lots of ppl everything went smooth , went over N400 application Made some changed and signed , civic test very easy with a phrase to read and write on a tablet . My oath ceremony is scheduled in about a month. Getting to the end of the tunnel. Good luck everyone.
  3. I dont think the estimated waiting time is accurate mine changed from February to March and I already got scheduled for interview next month. Hang on there!! Best of luck
  4. Received e-mail today that interview is scheduled, waiting for the letter to upload. Time to start studying, estimated C time still showing February 2020.
  5. Congrats...that is quick based on your timeline, do u have a pending ROC?? Keeps us updated.
  6. Just curious to know what each one 's case number starts with !!! Mine is IOE , and what does that mean? Internet filling? Thanks all
  7. Thanks for the spreadsheet, it really helps to see other timelines . by the way My estimated case completion did not change since July , and I have not heard or seen any movement regarding transfering N400 to other offices nearby to speed up the process.
  8. I did my biometrics on 15th of may 2019 and estimated case completion February (6 months) only 1 month ahead of yours , how accurate is that ?? What is the actual waiting time till scheduled for an interview in San jose ? Thanks N and good luck
  9. Here is the list of documents I uploaded hope it helps . - Green card back and front - Poof of my wife's citizenship /passport - Marriage license - Tax transcripts/ from IRS website - Last 3 bank statements - A couple of utility bills - Few pictures
  10. 2019 May filer, filed 4th online , service center : San Jose
  11. Hi , did you end up applying for a transit visa ? I am going through the same situation...I will be flying to Marrakech from SF with a 4 hours layover in Copenhagen ..I did my online searching and could not find anything , the airline company confirmed I won't be changing airports or collect my luggage in Denmark . But still I am afraid I won't be able to board . I am 10 years green card holder if that makes a difference . Thanks all
  12. Thanks !! Won't let me edit from my phone , I got the update exactly two months after the transfer date (11th January) good luck everyone.
  13. Just got an update that my card is in production , a month after being transferred to Texas . WAC18045XXXX Have a planned trip to my home country end if this month , will apply for citizenship once I am back. Good luck everyone ...hang on there your day is coming !! Thanks to all for your support .
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