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  1. I applied on Dec 2017, got RFE on March 26, 2019. CSC received my RFE package on April 22. On website uscis.dhs.gov it showed they received my RFE response on April 27, on egov.uscis.gov still showed RFE status has been sent. Today, May 6, Card was produced status showed on egov.uscis.gov. Sorry for posting so many date and words. I did not request the N400.
  2. Update on my case: exactly 2 weeks after USPS delivered my RFE package to CSC. Today, they approved my case. The stressful journey is ending.
  3. I will send more bank statements, taxes. My car is under my name only, I bought it before my wife came to the States. We have health insurance, in the rfe letter said we only sent them the application, not the copy of the actual card, so I will send them the copy of insurance cards this time. I just found out we have both names on car insurance, health insurance, lease, phone + internet bills, and the flight tickets for 2 trips in the last 2 years. That's all!
  4. I submitted the old lease already. I will send them the new lease with new address this time. I am trying to add my wife's name to electricity bill so we have 2 utility bills with both names on. The things we missed to send are child birth certificate ( we do not have any kid yet), and the joint ownership of property, assets. Hopefully other things can be enough. *sigh*
  5. I have received the RFE letter. My wife and I do not have any joint ownership of property, comingling of assets, funds, and liability. What should I send for those? We have moved to another place after filling, should I send the new lease?
  6. About the proof of travel. Should I send them the actual boarding pass or just copy them to the paper? I will try to gather the same stuff I sent them but with the new address and bank statements starts from Jan, 2018 because we filed before that date. This process is so stressful, *sigh* Thank you for your reply!
  7. Hi, My status shows RFE yesterday, I am waiting for the actual letter to get more evidence and send them. Don't know what more I should send, I thought I had sent them enough. Can I ask what you sent them for the rfe?
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. My case status just changed to "Date of birth was updated" yesterday, right after biometrics done few days ago. Hopefully it will get approved soon, not RFE or interview.
  9. Little update: My biometrics appointment was scheduled on March 11. However, I did a walk-in on March 22 and they took me in without any issue. Today My case status changed from Case was received at local office to Date of Birth was updated. I have no idea why it changed to that!
  10. I have read many threads about late biometrics. They were accepted even few weeks later than their scheduled time. It will take more time to reschedule the appointment, so I think I will do a walk-in with my current appointment letter though. I will share my experience about that when I come back and go to local ASC
  11. I have never received that letter, i do not know why they want my biometrics a year later, lol
  12. I am currently traveling over sea. Will be back until March 22, thay's why I cannot get it done on the scheduled time. It is for i-751, never applied for N400. I do not know why they asking for the biometric a year later, maybe I missed the old biometric letter which comes after NOA1 few weeks later. I am coming back to the US on March 22, the appt time is March 11. Hopefully they will accept my walk-in and the reason why I cannot come at scheduled time.
  13. The letter is for biometric. They scheduled on this March 11, but I will not be home until March 22 I think I will miss the appt and go get it done when I come back. Anyone has experience about getting biometric done later than scheduled time?
  14. Hi guys, My USPS Informed Delivery shows a letter from CA center. The status of my case is still the same as June 15 they transfered case to another office. Could it be RFE or approval letter, guys? I asked my brother to pick that letter tonight in my mailbox because I am out of state at the moment.
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