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  1. Excited! Just got our text/email notification for NOA1! They received our package last week on January 16th. Now waiting for the hardcopy to come in the mail!
  2. I found calling at night after 8pm CST worked best for me. The wait time was short. The time I got to speak to a supervisor was when I called around 5:30pm.
  3. Hi Everyone, I know it has been a while. My husband and I are doing wonderful! We spent the Thanksgiving holidays with my family and they truly welcomed him with open arms and they are truly amazed by his accent when he speaks English. That's because majority of them have never been outside of the country or the state. LOL! He has received his social security card in the mail. It was very interesting to me how they have in bold letters that he is not authorized to work until DHS approves. We have begun filling out the AOS forms and its been grueling and time consuming but we are getting through it. We will be sending it off in about two weeks. I hope many of you will be AOSing with us in December. Well today we embracing the Christmas holiday season. We are decorating the tree, putting up stockings and hanging lights and garland. When we finish, I'll post a pic. I'm so happy to have my love finally with me. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of my sleep and just touch him to make sure it's all real and I'm not dreaming. For those of you that's still waiting, please stay positive and focused and know that it will be all worth it.
  4. Hi, We were in a similar situation when our case was at the NVC for approximately 4 weeks. I finally called and asked for a supervisor. I mentioned to the supervisor that my K1 case has been there for almost a month now and I'm curious to know if my case has been misplaced because I see other cases going thru within two or three days. The supervisor placed me on hold and returned to the phone to inform me that my case looks fine and has completed the necessary re-checks that were done to ensure all is good with my case. The next day when I check CEAC status, my case was in transit. So you can try calling and listening to the first person quote the things they normally say and then request a supervisor. It's worth a try. Good luck on your journey!
  5. Today is a very special day! A lovely day!Our wedding day! Our amazing day of becoming one! It was such a good feeling!
  6. Wow! We are so happy. I'm finally with the love of my life. This journey has been a very trying one, but I thank God for the strength he gave both of us to persevere! POE in Houston, Texas was on November 9th. Went very smoothly. They held him for about an hour. While waiting, the officer asked him to translate for a young lady that didn't know much English, then immediately the officer let him thru. Finally all together as a family! Congratulations to everyone for all the progress in your journeys!
  7. Thanks Estibaliz! You're such an awesome person! Thanks for everything! I hope we get to AOSing together. I'll definitely post a POE pic!
  8. So excited! My honey coming home to me. Just started his 28 hour journey. I'll be waiting at the airport!
  9. 2 days 21 hours 22 minutes and 17 secs until my honey lands here in Houston, TX. I'm so excited to finally begin our lives living together! 9 days until we are lovely husband and wife! I'm ready to say "I DO" to the love of my life. I thank God everyday for creating him just for me. I'm so so grateful! I hope to see you all in the AOS forum soon! Happy journeys to everyone. I was thinking that once we are settled in, all is Aprilites will have to meet face to face and celebrate our unique love journeys!
  10. Did they say anything at the end of the interview? Did they keep her passport?
  11. This is a good sign. I haven't heard of this before. At least they are being very attentive to your case and I'm sure an approval is coming. They just want to make sure you and your fiance know all details about each other.
  12. Thank you so much! Good luck at your interview!
  13. Visa in hand today! It's an awesome feeling. I thank God for giving us knowledge and strength through this process. I'm so thankful for our Aprilites family with the wealth of information and encouragement that was shared. Congratulations to everyone for making progress with your K1 journey.
  14. Thank you so much! Our CEAC status went from 'Application Received' to 'Administrative Processing'. So now we are waiting for it to change to 'Visa Issued' so he can go pick it up. How's everything on your end. I read your post about the further research. Did you follow up?
  15. So sorry about this. I'm sad to read this. I truly hope the immigration lawyer can advise you accordingly. Good luck!