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  1. Okay this is perfect thanks so much! God bless!
  2. My apologies I know this may be a silly question but I want to triple check I’m doing the right thing !😬
  3. Thank God for this website you guys have been tremendously helpful to this process! Congrats to all new visa recipients as well!.💕💕
  4. Hi guys ! So our interview was on the 30th of January in Lagos and he was approved!! They have notified him and he’s going to pick up his visa tomorrow!! Im so nervous about booking the flight for next week. He would be flying to the Atlanta international Hartsfield airport and will have a layover in Instabul, Turkey. (One way or round trip.. whichever is cheaper) Is Atlanta an acceptable POE? Will he require a visa for Instanbul as well? Also read that he can’t open the brown package in addition to the passport? If Instanbul searches through his documents .. will this be troublesome to his arrival in ATL? I am from Birmingham and I will be picking him up from Atlanta.
  5. Case in transit as of today !👍👍👍
  6. Faith88’

    Visa Appointments - Lagos

    Has anyone heard anything yet?
  7. I think it’s supposed to be left unchecked because it says specific and you explain on page 7 that it is for k1 for permanent immigration status
  8. I’m sorry excuse my ignorance I have read the post and I’m still unsure of how I should proceed
  9. Hello and good afternoon ! This may be a silly question. On the affidavit of support Page 4 sec. 38 it’s asking about how long will I support the beneficiary or make specific contributions. I marked I intend which is obvious because we will be living together etc. Exactly what am I supposed to put in the Addtional information part without it sounding inaccurate or as if I will only be supporting my fiancé for a specific amount of time? My fiancé intends to start school and work as well so I will not be the sole source of income once it is permitted by law to work and will we share everything ...  can anyone direct me in this or have a sample that I may refer to for k1 visa thank you and many blessings
  10. Thank you Greenbaum ..i just found one for NVC Nigeria! Thanks so much
  11. Yes my fiancé has already paid for the DS160 but when he tries to register no dates are showing at all...😓😓😓 should he go ahead and do the medical and police clearance ? Do they expire within weeks ??
  12. Edit: Hi guys quick update ... I received my case number on Tuesday ... my packet is still at NVC 😓 patiently waiting NOA1 March 19 NOA2 October 11 NVC received packet November 9 Case number assigned: November 13