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  1. Hey guys just wanted to share a quick update! Sent in package May 8 NOA 1 May 18 biometrics appt June 6 interview letter received for August 27!! we are so excited and nervous! Anyhoo congratulations and good luck to everyone On my way to look up interview tips!! Fingers crossed!
  2. We did biometrics on June 6th I don’t think the offer will be enough .. it seems we will have to show severe financial need/loss
  3. Thank you, I just spoke with a representative .. the premium processing and expediting are not the same the expediting does not req a fee and a response/decision to expedite or not is given within 5 days
  4. I found this online .. I’m gonna call them today https://www.uscis.gov/forms/how-make-expedite-request https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-907instr.pdf https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-907.pdf
  5. Hi everyone my hubby completed his biometrics on June 6 and has a job interview today. 1.) How does the process work for expediting his authorization to work?? I know he needs a job offer first.. 2.) what should he tell the employer as far as waiting times ??
  6. Hey guys quick question ... is it possible to receive an RFE after biometrics appt has been set? In other words biometrics appt doesn’t necessarily mean approval right?
  7. Biometrics appt came yesterday (May 23) for June 6th package sent in May 8
  8. I sent in my transcripts for the past three years.. which is the same method I used when filing the K1 and had no issues..
  9. Quick update: got our text message notification this evening.. sent package in on May 8th
  10. Hello everyone 👋🏽 joining the thread as May AOS 2019 filers. Sent our package in (overnight) via USPS on May 8th. We did not do an additional medical; only sent DS-3025(vaccines) my hubby just had medical done in January 19’ for K1 and I read in the instructions that it was not req. I haven’t received any notification yet
  11. Hello and Good morning, I have a question.  My husband had a medical and vaccination in January before he came over in Nigeria. On the USCIS instruction for Medical examination and Vaccination record it states that if he is a K immigrant and already had an examination overseas he does not require an additional examination. However, as it stands he only has in his possession the DS-3025 (vaccination record) and they gave him a CD with a Chest Xray on it for TB Im assuming. Is he required to have another medical examination before we file? Thank you so much Note: I’ve found the answer for this please disregard
  12. Greetings, I am looking for a April/May 2019 AOS for k1 thread!! please leave link below!
  13. Wow.. thank you in that case it will definitely be before the i94 expiration
  14. Thank you all for your responses I’ll file as soon as I can it will probably be a few days after the 90 days
  15. Greetings ! My inquiry is about the time frame for filing AOS application. My fiance' arrived in Feb. We got married in March and his visa expires within the first two weeks of May. I am wondering it is absolutely necessary for me to file AOS before the visa expiration date? I have had some unexpected expenses and I do not have the extra money at this time.
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