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  1. Hello , I would like to get a copy of the documents i have submitted to USCIS. Is it possible? How do I make a request? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi, my brother (Citizen) is bringing his wife and daughter(5 yr old) to USA. Does the form DS 260 has to be filed separately for both of them.? Thanks in advance
  3. I just want to wish you best of luck. I truly hope you find all the help you need.
  4. And in US, they will go by FNU as first name because this is what appears on green card. Do yourself a favor, correct it now.
  5. In my case , i had lot of problems because of FNU. It is better to correct it right now. My social security wont match because of this FNU headache.
  6. Hello everyone, So I am about to send the N400 application based on marriage to US spouse. We have 2 kids together. And we own a home , do I need to send the copy of the title as well. Here is the list I am sending with the application. 1.N400 application 2.US spouse naturalization certificate 3.Marriage certificate 4.Birth certificate for kids 5.3 year IRS Trasncripts Am I missing something here. Please help.
  7. Maybe the interview is for ROC.. if i am not mistaken, you have RoC pending , right ?
  8. No , you won't be interviewed. My case status was the same until USCIS approved it on Dec 3.
  9. Awesome!!!... otherwise, it would be another 2 months of unnecessary waiting .
  10. After approval, it took only 6 days for the green card to arrive. They also fixed my name on the green card for me, no more issue with FNU as my first name. I am very impressed.
  11. The case status keeps changing as the mail advances. You will even see the status " card delivered " once the green card arrives at the mail box.
  12. The status is going to change soon to " post office picked up your card" and then tracking number will be there . Same thing happened to me.
  13. Congratulations!! Do you see a tracking number for the green card. ? Mine says the card was mailed but no tracking number. Thanks
  14. USCIS mailed the new card today but there is no tracking number. And tomorrow the office is closed. Do you guys think if I call them on Thursday, they will be able to provide me with the tracking number.
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