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  1. JeanF

    N-400 March 2019 Filers

    Omg. That's insane. I really hope that's incorrect >.>
  2. JeanF

    N-400 March 2019 Filers

    Ooh yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any variances in timing between filing with paper or filing online.
  3. JeanF

    N-400 March 2019 Filers

    I did not get an email but I was able to see the receipt notice in the online filing portal, under Documents and USCIS notices.
  4. Lol! Well joke's on me. My estimated completion is 05/2021 O_O
  5. JeanF

    N-400 March 2019 Filers

    Local Office: Dallas, TX Applied online: 3/13/19 Priority Date: 3/13/19 Pending biometrics letter.
  6. Hello, Field office is Dallas, TX as well. I applied online 3/13. So far estimated completion time is 5/2021! O_O
  7. Just submitted my application online. I initially did not want to naturalize, but I also want to vote in 2020.
  8. Received an online notification that my "card was picked up by the United States Postal Service". According to USPS, who sent me a text hours before I got the notification, the card is expected to be delivered by Wednesday. This finally feels real. For those still waiting, the finish line is SO close!! ❤️
  9. I do have informed delivery, and I usually stalk it but this time I didn’t check until after I saw the letter in the mail (I did have an image of a letter from USCIS). Just didn’t expect anything since nothing changed online.
  10. Oh man that sounds rough, could your current husband forward you the RFE?
  11. I understand the severity of an RFE which is why I say “there’s no way of knowing (the deadline)” in my response to her.
  12. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Outreach/Feedback Opportunities/Interim Guidance for Comment/change-timeframes-rfe.pdf This indicates that you have a max of 12 weeks. However they can request a response in less time so there's really no way of knowing :c "USCIS officers may reduce the response time from the standard timeframes only after obtaining supervisory concurrence. This discretion should be used on a case-by-case basis when warranted by circumstances as determined by the adjudicator and the supervisor. The maximum response time for an RFE may not exceed 12 weeks (84 days). However, when an RFE is served by mail, USCIS officers should include additional mailing time for the RFE to reach the applicant/petitioner and for the response to reach USCIS." If you're filing with a waiver they might be requesting a copy of the divorce decree.. Is this something you submitted with your initial application?
  13. Thanks for the congrats! I did not apply for N400.. I'm not sure I want to naturalize (at least not under this administration >.>). Group number is WAC1722900XXX
  14. I received an approval notice in the mail today with a notice date of 9/11/18. Nothing has changed online, though.