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  1. Oath scheduled for February 19th at the Minneapolis Courthouse. I didn't expect to get scheduled for an oath this month but glad this long, tedious journey is now over for me. Wishing you all the best with your process.
  2. IO only asked to see one particular year's tax return for whatever reason. She just quickly glanced at it and returned it to me and when I offered to show other documents she said she's got everything she needs since I had already submitted most of my documentation online. Having said that, I really think it'd be wise to have your original marriage certificate at the interview since that is one of the few documents they explicitly request in the interview letter. Last thing you want is getting an RFE or a delay because of this so I'd just go ahead and request a new copy from the county if I were you.
  3. Thanks for providing that link. Looking at it, I'm guessing I'll probably get scheduled for the March 9th ceremony at the River Centre at the earliest.
  4. Just got email notification stating that I'm in line for Oath Ceremony and my application is approved. Glad this process is wrapping up. Weirdly enough, I got a notification on Friday morning saying an RFE was sent out and then couple of hours later my status switched to 'RFE response was received' even though I never received nor sent anything back. Needless to say, I was very confused and then I got the approval notification this morning. Assuming the approval notification is not a glitch as well, anyone know how long it takes to get scheduled for oath?
  5. I attended my interview this morning. My appointment was at 9 am and I was called in for my interview around half past 9. Overall, the interview went pretty smooth, I was asked a few basic questions about my marriage since I'm applying under 3 year rule. I was then asked to read 'How many senators are there?' and write ' there are a hundred senators' on an ipad that was incredibly awkward to scribble on. The 6 civics questions I was asked were: 1. Name a war the United States fought in the 1800's? 2. What did Martin Luther King Jr. do? 3. Name one right granted by the first amendment? 4. What month do we vote for president? 5. Name one reason why the United States fought the Cold War? 6. What's the capital of your state? I got all the questions correct and so we moved on to the long list of yes and no questions. Afterwards, the office said she was satisfied with everything and asked me to review everything and confirm that I still wanted to change my name. Once that was done, she gave me a paper stating that I passed the test but the checkbox where it states 'a decision cannot be made at this time' was selected. I asked why and she mentioned that she just needs to review my file as she didn't get a chance to and told me to wait for the oath letter in a month or two once I was approved. She then escorted me out and that was that. Anyway, that's my experience and now I'll wait for the approval to come through.
  6. Congratulations, been long overdue. Your interview is most certainly 6 weeks away and you should see your notice in MyUSCIS in like 3 days or so. Time for you to prep for the civics portion.
  7. I was in the same boat as you, had a pending ROC and ended up applying for N400 last June. 3 weeks after I submitted my N400, my ROC was approved and I'm not entirely sure if applying N400 had anything to do with it or just merely a coincidence. The timelines listed on the USCIS site aren't really all that accurate since I have an interview scheduled on January 27th and my estimated completed time is still showing as July 2020. I'd say take it with a grain of salt but I see that you're in North Dakota and the wait times are longer for folks up there.
  8. If it makes you feel any better, I got the same response when I inquired about my case around November and I ended up getting scheduled for an interview a little less than a month later. Having said that, given that you're based in ND chances are your wait time might be a little longer and hopefully this means you're in the queue waiting for the next slot to open up.
  9. That's just rough. I feel like waiting for an interview appointment for well over a year and a half is downright negligible. Interestingly enough, I almost moved to ND last year for a job and it fell through at the end but I'm glad I dodged that bullet given the horrendous wait times you guys are having to endure. Hopefully you'll get your interview soon.
  10. Actually my completion time never changed, it's still showing as August 2020
  11. I'm scheduled for an interview and not the oath ceremony. I still got some ways to go before I can even think of the oath schedule.
  12. @Citizendan Thank you! I'm wondering though, how in the world is your case still pending after all this time? Is your case stuck in background check, name check or is USCIS really that indifferent to you fine people of ND?
  13. Just got notification that I have been scheduled for an interview. Don't know the date yet but I'm just surprised I got an interview appointment this fast since I filed n400 on June 16th, 2019 and so it's only been 6 months between the filing date and when my interview was scheduled. I suppose the MN field office is picking up the pace now.
  14. I'm just curious, is anyone on here opting for name change during naturalization? I'm doing a name change and I've read that those changing their names will have to do a judicial oath which takes a while to get scheduled instead of an administrative one which is typically much faster. Curious to see what people's experience was like during this process.
  15. Anyone know what month is the Minneapolis office scheduling interviews for? I'm a June filer and was wondering when I'll get scheduled for an interview, I would assume it'll be probably be sometime in March at the earliest if I'm lucky.
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