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  1. Did u get any updates about ur case ?? I know it was long time but I am in the same boat as u.
  2. Same situation here but I wasn’t convicted. My interview coming up on March iam really scared I don’t know what will happen. Praying for u to hear some good news soon about ur case . 🙏
  3. Thank u for ur reply . Yes I did disclosed it in n400 , Yes I do have certified copy from Court, I did filed my N400 under 3 years , I do have police report. By the way I got 10 years card without any issue .
  4. Hi . can somebody help me about my situation. I got into argument with my husband that’s ended up with Arresting me for DV more than 2 years ago .i hired a lawyer and the case was dismissed without any gilt (No fine no probation no classes no community service.) now my interview coming up in March and want to know if my case will b approve ?? I am so scared and nervous.
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