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  1. Good luck man my best wishes to you. Hopefully they will be able to do something for you. Good luck
  2. what you can do is take copies to county clerk office specially the court disposition and get it certified from the court. Try to explain the situation you are in. Since it is there copy they might be able to certify the document. Do have the expungement letter from the court as well which will say no court record exist. Good luck
  3. They can go back further but if you are habitual offender of certain crime. For example if one person found guilty of DUI in 2011 and again he got caught in 2019 for the same offense it means you havent learn from the past and keep committing same mistakes. Same goes for the people who have 4 or 5 speeding tickets. Interviewer has every right to deny the application since the person is not learning from the mistakes and keeps repeating the same mistakes which is speeding. If only got one DUI normally interviewer does not look further the statutory period which is 5 years. All these scenarios are based on only got arrested once. Otherwise interviewer can go back more than 5 years statutory period.
  4. Hello Thanks for the message. Here is the thing, i would wait five years after completion of the probation. You should had not filed for expungement since now all the data is wiped out from the court, but i am hoping you do have CERTIFIED court dispostion before you filed for expungement. There are conflicting theory when to file either the date of incident or when the probation was over. I always tell people you never know which interviewing officer you will get so it is always better to wait till the probation is over and count 5 years from the date when it was completed. If you get denied based on Good Moral character you will have no impact on future filing since you were purely denied of lack of goodmoral character. Make sure you have certified court disposition.Otherwise it will be a problem for you when you file.
  5. To be honest your friend is wrong. Uscis doesnt deny cases on purpose. You always have the right to challenge the outcome of the case by filing 336 in which another officer will review the case. My friend its upto you to keep waiting but i have never heard USCIS intentionally denying someone specially if your friend is immigration lawyer. Remember visa delayed is visa denied
  6. You are definitely having hard time to understand, i was just talking general not in this case. When someone pleads guilty to something there is a disposition which is signed by the judge even that dispostion needs to be certified by the county clerks office. If you send that signed document to uscis, uscis does not take that into account since it does not have court seal on it. But at the same time it is signed by the judge.
  7. As i said before do what pleases the op. I am not here to convince anyone. It still needs to be certified. Even disposition which is signed by the Judge needs to be certified by the court EVEN THOUGH it is signed by the judge. This uscis we are talking about they dont care about who signs it until its certified from the court or by the police department.
  8. In certified copy there is a seal from the court or the police department which makes it certified.
  9. How do you differentiate original from the copy??? These are police/ court documents we are talking about. I myself had to go through this, So i know what i am talking about even if he has original let say why doesnt he get certfied from arresting agency to make it 100 percent legal document? The arresting agency never gives out a orginal they make a copy of the orginal and then you tell them to pkease certify the orginal. That makes it a legal document. Rest is upto the op whatever he/she wants to do. If you read the first point certified statement from the arresting agency.
  10. Anything you submit needs to be certfied from the police department which was the arresting agency. I don't see any certification on rejection letter. This might result in denial if you dont get it certified from agency. original or copy doesnot matter if its not certified. Just go to the arresting agency ask them to to certify the copy. There might be a fee for this but its worth it.
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