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  1. Yeah looking at your timeline just makes me more sad that will have to get my hopes for the next year since i doubt chicago will start to process applications faster. I am a late january filer.
  2. Yeah 5k is alot. Hopefully it will resolve without needing to file mandamus. Good luck with it.
  3. So the question is are you going to keep waiting? If they havent responded to any correspondence above i would file the mandamus.
  4. so when you had the interview did they gave you a paper saying decision cannot be made? 120 days have been passed. so you can always threaten them with mandamus with the help of a lawyer.
  5. You are right! even though my estimated completion is October 2020 which i dont trust a bit.
  6. i am on a different forum as well. one of chicago filer filed in April 2019 and he is still waiting for the interview as well. USCIS claims they process the application on a first come first serve basis. There are people who got interview applied in December 2019. I think it has something to do with the background check. People are waiting for soo long and it seems they dont care.
  7. Marko did you recieve any updates on your case or still waiting?
  8. Did you asked your lawyer about the petty offense exception?? if you have only one crime you can get the exception. i think you should talk to your lawyer about that. I am not a lawyer but he should know that.
  9. I know one person who filed in december 2019 and she had a reschedule intetview on August 20th. He/she hasnt updated anything since then.
  10. Hopefully soon they will start scheduling new interviews. Right now they are doing rescheduled interviews, someone mentioned.
  11. I am sure you will do just fine. i know its stressing but you need to hold your nerves and dont give any impression of stress, be confident. You got this!
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