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  1. Hi Mish, So you mean if oct1 was printed on your letter then it is oct1 plus 60 days? What if you sent i360 in a month ago but still no letter of receipt?
  2. Hi VJers, Can we ask for more time to respond to an rfe if deadline is coming up? Thank you.
  3. Hi! First interview went alone because having issues with spouse. Withdrew the I485 afterwards. Now, want to refile I485 and try again after working on a stronger marriage and doing therapy religiously. Many years of bonafide evidence, including showing the hard times and overcoming that with therapy. Question for group. What will we be given a hard time about in the second interview? What will be the IOs concerns and we should spend more time preparing? Is having a crappy first interview going to be grounds for denying our second try? Thank you.
  4. Hello, Has anyone worked with Maria shepelsky, she's an immigration attorney? Do you recommend her for those of you who have heard of her? Thank you.
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