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  1. It's called Web Alert. It can check webpages every one minute.
  2. Haha, good question! I have some good news though, we managed to get an appointment at USCIS! We ended up installing a web tracker app and it rang at 1am on Tuesday to let us know the appointment page was updated. There were a ton of appointments available. I'm still without a driver's license for two weeks, but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. They're not doing me a favor. I don't see it that way. Not when we pay fees to get our cases processed and they're not! According to them, it's possible to find an appointment on their website in the middle of the night. I've tried, but no luck...
  4. I know, right! This is ridiculous. Also, I got the call about my Info Pass appointment this morning and they said that unfortunately, the Salt Lake City Office doesn't take part in the pilot program to get appointments through the phone, so I'm back to square one without an appointment. The agent on the phone suggested I go to the DMV and ask them to verify my status through the SAVE program. I was reading online that not all DMVs participate in the SAVE program, so want to bet they don't in Utah?! With all my luck, it would make sense.
  5. I got some news and my congressman's office cannot even make an appointment. As I was driving to the USCIS field office to attempt a walk-in, I received an email from them telling me that their congressional liaison called the field office's director (Salt Lake City, Utah) and he told the liaison that the office is understaffed. My person of contact with the congressman's office is also dumbfounded that they don't hire more employees. She also thought there is a waiting list you can be put on at the field office. When I got there, they said they don't consider an expiring driver's license an emergency. The guard told me I can always take a taxi to work. I was thinking "Right, then USCIS will foot the bill?". He also told me the best time to check the info pass appointment website is between 4am and 7am. I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones , but I started bawling and left. Anyway, there isn't any waiting list at the office for appointments. I ended up calling the USCIS contact center as suggested here and by one of my friends. I'm on a waiting list for appointments and they should call me within 72 hours. I'm so scared to miss the call! I don't understand why USCIS doesn't advertise their contact center more because in the end they're the ones doing all the work! Also, I'm going to be without a driver's license for a couple of weeks until the appointment. Fun! Thanks for the support, everyone and sorry for the rant.
  6. Hey, I got some updates from the Congressman's office: 1) The reason it is taking so long is that I filed for citizenship and it now reset the clock on the I-751 (so it's now on my citizenship case's timeline). The USCIS website says the wait time is 6 months for my citizenship case. How unfair! 2) My driver's license is expiring in a week or so. So I continued the conversation with the congressman's office (expressing my frustration) and they offered to make an info pass appointment for me. I sent all the papers 10 days ago and still haven't heard back. I sent them an email today to get an update on the appointment making. 3) I'm seriously considering trying a walk-in appointment at my local USCIS office as I really need the stamp in my passport to renew my driver's license, otherwise a) I'll be driving without a valid license b) I can not get to work. So I might try the "financial loss" emergency reason to get in. Has anyone tried this?
  7. Hey, I'm in the same situation. Contacted my congressman's office here in Utah and also filled in that form. No news since.
  8. I'm in the same boat and I'm hoping they will send another extension letter. I don't feel like driving all the way to their office and take a half day off work.
  9. The notice says my case was transferred to the National Benefit Center in MO.
  10. Got a transfer notification telling me another office has jurisdiction. They say I should receive a notice via mail soon.
  11. Same here, we're on the same boat...
  12. Received that "corrected" 18-month extension letter today.
  13. I learnt something new! In other news, no movement for me, case is still at CSC, NMno updates