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  1. No need for a new medical if it was done less than 1 year before filling for AOS. The doctor that did it in my country gave me an envelope with a copy of the results to send with my AOS, is that the envelope you’re talking about ?
  2. Good Morning, I got my case number today exactly 30 days after they received my application. It seems to be happening a lot lately, if you’re still waiting and are under a month I wouldn’t worry too much 😉
  3. No I looked this morning not yet 😔 Would you be able to provide the email please that would be helpful, I can’t find it anywhere Thank You
  4. Hi Everyone, They received my package on Dec. 16 since then nothing I’m really starting to be anxious about it I think I’m not the only one this month tho.... I just want to know if there’s still hope to get it 😕
  5. I was watching a « Border Security » episode yesterday, one of the segments was about a woman coming back from Ukraine with her conditional GC after divorcing her American husband, the CBP officer told her that her card was linked to her marriage and she had to surrender it at the border but she was allowed in as a tourist tho… well it’s worth what it’s worth it’s a show but it may be helpful.
  6. Hi Everyone, I’ve been on VJ since the start of this journey and I just got my Visa in hand, I can’t believe how helpful this forum was for me. I wish every single of you good luck on your journey
  7. The US are not listed because you don't need one, they did the background checks themselves with USCIS no need for a police certificate 👍
  8. I would just go buy an A3 folder to bring it to the interview.
  9. I tried the DHL hack it's working when I change the country but it's not working any time I put mine weird is that normal ?....
  10. Actually it's your choice but I wouldn't start calling before waiting a least 3 weeks. We called around 3 weeks after getting our NOA2 they said that they received our petition and 2 days after we called again and had a case number.
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