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    We met while I went to Haiti to volunteer and he was the translator and volunteer coordinator for one of the NGO's we worked with. We stayed in touch and I went back a few months later and we taught English together at a community center.

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  1. Thanks! Very interesting but nothing should surprise me anymore.
  2. Luckycuds

    Requirements for filing of k1 visa

    Do not send in original documents- copies only. Also keep a separate copy of everything you submit in case god forbid you have to resubmit everything. Hopefully someone else can answer the annulment part.
  3. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a timeframe for AP- it can go on for years. Check out the Morocco message board and I’m sure you can find more country specific info there 🙂 at least see others experience in Morocco.
  4. If one doesn’t renew their greencard- and is basically living with no legal proof in the US-how does this not make them undocumented? Can one go years without renewing their greencard and still be a valid LPR? Does this mean they have the same status as LPRs?
  5. US citizens need to file taxes on income regardless if it’s from out of the country.
  6. Interesting read.. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/trump-administration-deny-more-visa-applicants-whove-used-081054872--abc-news-topstories.html “Satisfying income requirements and having a sponsor already in the U.S. made it more likely a visa application would get approved under past administrations. But the new policy requires all applicants to clear other hurdles, with department staff evaluating factors including health, age and education.” I wonder how this will affect bringing parents (age/health) regardless of income- thoughts?
  7. It would be best to live with him in Korea and see how things go -then think about immigration. You would need an established residence in the US anyway. The Morocco message boards will be of big help to you for you to see what it’s like. Good luck 🙂
  8. Congratulations. I am glad you advocated for yourself.
  9. K1 or cr1 would be if he is immigrating to the US.. it sounds like that is not the plan for either of you guys so maybe this isn’t the correct route at this time.
  10. US citizens are required to file taxes regardless if their income is from China. You will need to submit these with your petition. Your mother isn’t the sponsor- you are. Your mother would be the joint sponsor. There’s no requirement for taking trips together lol. You need to show you are both free to marry and have met within the past 2 years. I’d imagine you have hundreds of photos together that you can pick and choose what to submit and state the place they were taken at. You will have to establish a place of residence in the US. Will your mother let you two live with her? I also imagine you would start looking for a job to establish yourself in the us as well? In describing your meeting -we submitted a one page typed paper outlining how we met -dates, why I was in Haiti, how I eventually met my husband, how we stayed in touch etc. All forms should be filled out in English - you can read them to see if you should be writing both his native alphabet with English or just English. I’m sure it states on he form though. If if you are able to translate Chinese you can translate it yourself with a note stating you are competent to translate from (language) to English and you swear the translation is accurate.
  11. https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/public-charge
  12. Wow that’s awesome, congratulations! I know someone who is trying to register his baby as a us citizen but no appts until the end of April and he has to be back in the US as he’s been away for some time now. I’ll have him see if he can walk in for that. Congrats again!!
  13. No- JoeyC said he was going to try to walk in today. My my husband has his interview back in 2014-you can view my signature our timeline of when we received notifications.