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    We met while I went to Haiti to volunteer and he was the translator and volunteer coordinator for one of the NGO's we worked with. We stayed in touch and I went back a few months later and we taught English together at a community center.

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  1. Nope. Doesn’t mean he will be approved. Doesn’t mean he won’t receive a RFE.
  2. Have you done counseling ? Sounds like if neither of you want to be together you should divorce??
  3. Did you try to create it with the Haitians info (the applicant)? His name and email address?
  4. Your fiancé in Haiti should create the account. You could of course create it with his email and both of you have access to it.
  5. I understand Haiti is locked down but if she has a family member who is able to gather these documents that may be best as a lot of these “companies” are scammers to take your money. Is there someone in Port au Prince that is able to get these documents? It’s unfortunate you didn’t have these prior to the civil unrest- as this makes things harder in an already hard country.
  6. I don’t believe you can fly internationally with an expired passport. Some countries don’t even let you in if your passport expires within 6 months. The i-131 allows you to come back to the US before you have your green card in hand. I don’t believe other countries will accept this.
  7. Definitely try to speak with an English speaker. Today is a holiday though so idk if there are there.
  8. Totally normal. Check multiple times a day as well as throughout the night .
  9. I think you may need the case# from NVC- if you have it then go ahead and create the account. Do you have a case # for nvc ?
  10. Hi it took months for my husbands cousin (who is doing the k1 currently ) case to be sent to Haiti. He was never notified he had just kept calling daily. Have you created an account on ustraveldoc website yet?
  11. My husband is from Haiti (hot humid climate) and he has developed terrible allergies here in the spring even resulting in emergency eye doctor visits. Haven’t gone to an allergist yet but we definitely should. Over the counter meds barely help as well as prescription eye drops. He never had these problems in his home country i should add this is the best combo so far- Benadryl every night and 24 hr Allegra every morning. He has prescription eye drops -ones a steroid 4x a day and another prescription 2x day. ..still not complete relief though. Have him take a shower before he goes to bed and to wash his face/head/arms after going outside. Also he should change his clothes before going in the bedroom. Try to keep the pollen out.
  12. Did she not receive a copy? The civil surgeon can draw titers which will show if she’s been vaccinated/immune and will know if she needs the vaccinations. Also- for others reading this for the future- it’s usually cheaper to get the vaccinations done overseas and not in the US. I understand not all countries may have the vaccines, however.
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