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  1. I'm not sure the UK is the same, but I got a CRBA for my son born in Mexico, I did have to provide transcripts from HS and College to prove that I had lived continuously for 5 years in the US, since I was living in Mexico at the time. My name was on the birth certificate as well. It took about a month or two, I can't quite recall the exact time frame. I hope this helps.
  2. Looks good, you might also think about setting up wills, and a living trust, and getting life insurance showing each other as the beneficiaries.
  3. You will also need to get a Consular Report of Birth Abroad for your kid, if not born in the USA.
  4. Your daughter was born outside of the US, do you plan on taking her to the US as well? I hope that you have filed a Consular Report of Birth abroad, or you may have some issues travelling with your child.
  5. That's exactly how mine updated. We were approved 4-26 on the DHS site, and we received the green card on 5-12. The USCIS did not update until my wife's card was mailed. Check my timeline for exact info, time to celebrate, congratulations!
  6. So just an update, we were approved 4-26, and we received the green card on 5-12. Thanks for all the support, and I hope the remaining Nov. 2016 filers get approvals soon.
  7. Thanks for this question, my wife and I are going to Mexico as well, her case was approved in April as well. She had an I-551 stamp in her passport that will work then. As to our experience crossing the border driving, we have never had to go to secondary even with only the I-551.
  8. I didn't include tax returns in mine, we were approved in April. Since I am the only earner, the only thing it really showed was that we were filing together, in my opinion, I didn't think that was strong evidence of co-mingling of our finances. I did include our life insurance policies, 401k both showing each other as beneficiaries, health insurance docs for the family under the same policy, our wills, power of attorney and trust documents, joint credit card, banking, utility, and lease documents, and our son's birth certificate. We also had our driver's licenses showing the same address... All of that still fit in the large postal envelope.
  9. We have the approval letter as well that advises against travel, and have not received her card, but my wife also has the I-551 stamp, I would think that travelling with the stamp would be fine? I would like to know the definitive answer also.
  10. I got the exact same thing for ours. I can only think that it is true. We are November 2016 filers. Our status has not changed on the USCIS site. I am hoping against all hope we're approved! If so Congrats!
  11. Just my experience. Yes, it will be a long wait. We filed ourselves, I read all the nightmare stories, and stressed about our evidence because I didn't include taxes, I could have, I just didn't. I did include shared bank accounts, credit cards, life and health insurance, apartment lease, shared bills, drivers licenses, and will and trust documents. We were approved today after applying November 2016. I think there are a very small percentage of bad experiences, but those always stick out more than the good. Other than the 14+ months of waiting, our experience was smooth.
  12. Approval of Green card, NOA Date Nov. 17, 2016!!! Woohoo! now on to N-400 and citizenship for my wife! Thanks to all for the support! Hopefully more to come!
  13. Hikerwa

    SSN Application for my son

    My son got his CRBA and US passport in Mexico. I was able to take his passport to the Social Security office with his birth certificate and get his card without him being present.
  14. My wife had her interview in Juarez, was approved and her visa (Stamped Passport) was delivered by DHL to Nogales in 3 days. You can stay in Juarez and pick it up at the DHL locally as well, but we decided to pick it up in Nogales.
  15. Mine was transferred to out local office as well. Tucson, AZ. I hope that's a good thing.