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  1. Is the rest of the report in English and Portuguese as well? My only concern is if the actual report contains non-translated copy, if not, it should be fine, if it does, I would lean towards translating.
  2. From your timeline it looks as though you are waiting only for the oath ceremony? If you/he has a payment plan with the irs, and it is current, it is my understanding there is no issue. I have a payment plan, current, and have presented it at each step of our process, and all has been fine. It may be a concern if there is not a payment plan that is in place, and current. I have heard that it may reflect on moral turpitude, but others may have more info.
  3. You might not want to send your actual green card either, send a photocopy. You still need your card.
  4. My wife was 20 when approved, and with a fairly large age gap. I don't think you should have any problems.
  5. K3s are rarely, i mean very rarely, issued. You will be applying for a CR-1, or IR-1 depending on years married. And yes, you will have to wait.
  6. I made sure that I had a payment plan in place, and current before my wife's interview, but owing taxes was not a problem.
  7. Even if you wait for your visa in Juarez, it could take several days for you to be able to pick it up at DHL in best case, it could be even weeks. I wouldn't make any flight arrangements before you have your visa in hand.
  8. Yes, the W2s will be fine. Just as a side note, you may be surprised how quickly a letter from the IRS arrives. I had a mistake on my return a couple of years ago, and I had the letter pretty quick... Good luck!
  9. I had read that as well, they could halt the process, it may be discretionary. I had to file a past year that I failed to file so that my wife would be able to present the taxes for a that year, and I was able to go to my local IRS office and have them officially stamp them as filed, I then provided those. They were accepted. I also had a payment plan with the IRS and I provided that as well.
  10. I concur with the Travel Ban, I found this recent news article: https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/26/politics/state-department-travel-ban-visas/index.html
  11. This is the best. You can go to the Social Security office and apply in person, it's pretty quick. good luck.
  12. I was able to apply for my son's SSN at the SS office after we had obtained his CRBA, and passport.
  13. In our case, we needed Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, and Police Report. I would assume that any hard evidence not in english would need to be translated.
  14. I'm not sure the UK is the same, but I got a CRBA for my son born in Mexico, I did have to provide transcripts from HS and College to prove that I had lived continuously for 5 years in the US, since I was living in Mexico at the time. My name was on the birth certificate as well. It took about a month or two, I can't quite recall the exact time frame. I hope this helps.
  15. Looks good, you might also think about setting up wills, and a living trust, and getting life insurance showing each other as the beneficiaries.
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