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  1. Got it, the other 3 are 224
  2. Yes, EAC17. Sorry I didn't realise it was something that could be interpreted Now to move out to Seattle, set up some roots and apply for N-400!
  3. Thanks! So I logged in and turns out I didn't even set up the notification Anyway, this is what it says: On June 1, 2018, we mailed your new card for your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXXXX, to the address you gave us. If you do not receive your card by June 16, 2018...
  4. Just got my NOA in the post! (VSC) Dated 5/29 - odd that I didn't get any notifications via text or email, will log in to see why.
  5. So I hadn't checked my mailbox in a few days because the only letter I was waiting for didn't appear in the USPS Informed Delivery Daily Digest. Turns out my biometric letter had in fact arrived along with a separate notification that the discrepancy (A# typographical error on I-751) was corrected Looks like their starting to filter through for us May VSC filers.
  6. 5/3/17 (90 days until expiry): I-751 mailed (USPS Priority) 5/6/17: I-751 received at USCIS 5/16/17: USCIS cashed check 5/18/17: 2x copies of I-797 received, with different A#, Receipt#, Receipt times Despite checking, turns out I made a typo on the I-751 form and provided the wrong A#. It was correctly stated on the cover letter and, of course, the front and back copy of my green card. The first I-797 references this incorrect A# and has receipt time of 05:32. The second I-797 references the correct A# and has a receipt time of 05:40. I cannot believe I made this mistake! Will be calling them immediately tomorrow just to understand what steps I need to do to correct this, if any