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  1. Correct. I have received the approval notice in the mail, and even today, the status still says "Case Was Received At Another USCIS Office".
  2. Awesome! You should be getting the final approval within a week. My online status did not get updated with the approval.
  3. On the DS-3035, was your physical address different than your mailing address? You should be getting your initial USCIS receipt by now. The alternative way to get your receipt number is through: Call USCIS - 1-800-375-5283 Go to lost receipt number (Press 1-1-2-2) Mention that you filed I-612 form with the Vermont Service Center They will ask for your name, date of birth, address, etc. Make sure you give them the physical address that you have listed on the DS-3035 (not the mailing address)
  4. He can put your address on the mailing address and the self-addressed envelope. (I would recommend getting the USPS Priority Flat-Rate Envelope with $7.35 stamp and tracking number.) Please note that the USCIS might still send the final approval to his physical address. For the statement of reason, if it's a no-objection case, it almost doesn't matter. Getting the K-1 visa is a valid reason.
  5. My N-400 journey is coming to an end. I have been tracking the progress of Seattle/Yakima/Portland offices, and I just want to drop this graph off for anyone who has applied in the first half of 2019. Seattle interview wait time has been steadily decreasing. You can read the projected wait time from the graph to get a better approximation for your N-400 interview. I live in Bellevue, but my interview is still in Seattle. I believe they only transfer some of the applications to Yakima, not all. Good luck!
  6. What's the rationale for not getting the current country police certificate? Is that related to the certificate being expired?
  7. Got an interview appointment today PD: Jan 4, 2019 Interview: Feb 10, 2020 USCIS Seattle (not a combo filer)
  8. Have you tried reading the previous 2-3 pages of this topic? There are plenty of recent timelines posted already.
  9. As a Canadian citizen, you do not need to obtain a visa for J-1. You can enter the U.S. with the J-1 status by just presenting the DS-2019 paper along with the training plan.
  10. You can check on the Timelines to see the progress of the Seattle field office. If you have not filled your timeline, please share your timeline so everyone can be updated with the progress. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/citlist.php?op6=All&op7=Seattle+WA&op1=3&op2=&op4=1&op5=5%2C10%2C11&cfl=
  11. We have just received the physical DOS favorable recommendation letter, and it says at the bottom that the letter is also sent to Your country's embassy All of your program sponsors You So, they will all be notified of your waiver favorable recommendation.
  12. Congrats! The wait time is coming down to 14.5 months.
  13. For DOS, there are no additional fees beyond the initial fees at the beginning of the process. Your embassy may charge some fees to produce the no objection statement. Overall, it's up to you.
  14. You should follow up with your country's embassy. On the initial DS-3035 packet, there is a barcode page that needs to be sent to your embassy. Make sure that they have received that page along with any necessary documentations that your embassy needs.
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