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    We met in 2013 when he was working in Baltimore and we attended the same gym. We began as friends doing yoga and working out together and grew into more over the years. He moved back to Australia about a year ago and we have visited each other many times since. Looking forward to starting our life together. He keeps me grounded and I just make him laugh at my ridiculousness <3. We applied for the K1 visa got married and living happily in the US waiting for our AOS :)

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  1. We only put in our marriage certificate no additional evidence. It didn't even occur to me to do otherwise because we had only lived together for less than a month and I own my house. We had all the other evidence for our AOS interview 7 months later. We were fine and my husband was approved no issues from a K1.
  2. I am not arguing immigrants and the use of these benefits....... I find it interesting the government is contradicting itself. In one statement it says you should be able to take care of yourself at 125% of the poverty line but than on the other hand it says 130% is not enough income to support yourself.
  3. Just an interesting blurb. People making less than 130% or 138% of the poverty line qualify for government assistance programs but also making less than 130% or 138% qualifies you to sponsor someone for immigration. "Programs That Use the Poverty Guidelines * The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps) is available to those who earn 130 percent of the federal poverty level. Households must also have less than $3,500 in assets with an elderly or disabled person, or $2,250 or less in households without an elderly or disabled member. * Medicaid is available to families whose income is 138 percent of the poverty level. The Affordable Care Act provides insurance subsidies for households between 138 percent and 400 percent of the poverty level. Other programs include Head Start, the National School Lunch Program, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program."
  4. If you go to the website you can see where you personally fall in your region and country. I was surprised to find my husband and I are in the upper 25% of our region and country. I guess you tend to hang out with people that are in a similar income class as you, so it always just seems like we are getting by like everyone else but apparently we are comfortably in the upper 25% according to census statistics... it is always eye opening.
  5. HAha. I am not really sure way you are replying to my comment with your rant. I was just correcting someone's comments that 40,000 was upper class, because it isn't. It is upper lower class or lower middle class status in the US.
  6. FYI: Actually $40,000 is the cut off of middle class and lower class incomes. "Income data released by the U.S. Census Bureau show that 2017 median household income was the highest on record at $61,372. Pew defines the middle class as those earning between two-thirds and double the median household income.This means that the category of middle-income is made up of people making somewhere between $40,500 and $122,000. Those making less than $39,500 make up the lower-income bracket. Those making more than $118,000 make up the upper-income bracket. Easy, right? Just take your household income and see where you fit given these numbers." Read more: Which Income Class Are You? https://www.investopedia.com/financial-edge/0912/which-income-class-are-you.aspx#ixzz5TdttIp53 Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook
  7. AshMarty

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    My husbands family is always nervous going through Canada to the US. Last trip they were denied boarding in China because they didn't have a visa to fly through the country on a layover to the US..... I agree, I think we are pretty lax with our processes in the US.
  8. AshMarty

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    Things like making sure you don't have communicably diseases, some financial support (as minimal as the current requirements are), and no major criminal background seem like pretty good things to look into before having someone permanently move to the US. It is kinda a time consuming process but..
  9. I would apply for Adjustment of Status ASAP if he plans on staying in the country. It is a long wait for many to get EAD/AP card, so your spouse can work and travel outside of the country. Side note: Now that his intent is to be a resident of which ever state you live in, you will have to look into DMV laws on residency in that state and he will have to get an in state license (visiting and residency laws for international drivers are different). https://www.dmv.org/ky-kentucky/apply-license.php. It looks like he has 30 days to switch over his license to Kentucky.
  10. I don't think any of the top ranking European countries are truly socialist. There are some countries that are more socialist than others. America has social programs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_programs_in_the_United_States Aka welfare programs that use taxes to fund the lowest class (distribution of funds from higher classes to lower classes in society). We just don't have as many as a lot of the more socialist ranking countries. No European country is classless, that is like arguing black and white issues, when everything is really just different shades of gray.
  11. In Maryland my husband was able to get a temp drivers license at the Annapolis office with only his NOA1 for his for his AOS and no EAD. He got a 8 month temp license. There is another thread from a man in Annapolis that did this as well but had to talk to multiple supervisors about how Maryland DMV rules work for immigration and AOS. My husband went through the Annapolis DMV as well. Hopefully this might be helpful in some way. Your situation is a little difficult but it might be worth investigating or trying if your GC wait is too long. I wouldn't push the expired license because I believe you won't be covered by car insurance with an expired license. My husband had the same thoughts during AOS but to our disbelief he was hit by a driver that ran a stop sign two weeks later (and he luckily just received his Maryland license) so everything was covered but our car was totaled.
  12. Just an interesting conversation I had with my husbands family from Australia (more socialist then the US) their healthcare system is well organized and free to use, my husband had a free heart surgery the month before he moved to the US but they also have the option of a private system to buy into. My husbands (Australian) family were complaining about high taxes and they made a comment how the US must have much lower taxes then them because a majority of their taxes goes to their healthcare system/welfare programs. I asked what percentage of taxes they pay for their bracket and I think it was the same or maybe even a little less than the US taxes (they were shocked). So out of curiosity l looked up were America spends all their money, and it isn't on government socialist programs but the military. We have the largest military budget out of any country in the world (by a large margin). I guess that is the trade off, my Australian brother in law laughed after we talked about and said it makes sense because they just relay on the US for large conflicts and help, military wise.
  13. I think many people on here understand your frustrations. My now husband worked in the US for 6 years (on an E2 for an Australian Company) which was then sold to a Canadian company, so he lost his visa and had to return to Australia. He looked for jobs in the US for 2 years before we decided it was time for pursue the K1 fiance - marriage route. It is frustrating but when I think of our time dating over long distance, I really enjoyed our "dates". Aka visiting each other; he showed me all his favorite places and cities in Australia and I did the same for him in the US. No too many times in your adult life (we are in our 30s) can you take weeks off to just enjoy being together and traveling together, so enjoy every stage. Likely to be together in the future, you will have to pursue the K1 or CR1 route in the future, when it is time.
  14. I would also like to add. Depending on the stage you are at the evidence could mean different things. K1-> AOS-> ROC Dating - versus newly weds - versus 2-3 years into marriage A friend going to their AOS interview was asking me questions about their AOS interview evidence and my advice to them was remember you are newly weds, there is only so much you can do in less than one year of marriage (especially when moving to a new country and waiting for an EAD). I think of what we have for removal of conditions (that we didn't for AOS or K1): We might have a child by then but we also now have set up long term investment accounts in joint names that we began as a married couple and each of us contribute to it monthly, we are finally using our joint accounts since we are both employed (we weren't using them during AOS but we explained what our plans were and my husband was newly employed). We started travelling again (Yay honeymoon finally!!) because my husband is employed and finally has vacation time to use and have been saving airline tickets for ROC. We are now godparents to our niece newest niece. Evidence should grow during each stage (K1-AOS-ROC)..each couples goals are different.. whether it is retirement planning and travel, or starting a family, or being the best furbaby parents.... in a relationship proof will build with time.
  15. I think in the right context yes, Children can strengthen proof of relationship but a child by itself doesn’t prove a relationship. Just like a single photo doesn’t by itself either. Any CO with be silly to take a single piece of evidence with no further context or explanation either photo or child. But a child and a family photo at something like infant swimming lessons would start to build context.