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  1. As I am saying he wants to give back his GC and get a visitor visa when needed. Because he obviously don't want to live here.
  2. They rejected his visitor visa twice because they thought he wanted to immigrate (which he didn't at the time). We thought he could live here but he didn't like it here. So it is no fraud because he wanted to try to live here since that was the only option he had but it didn't work out. I would think that now that they know he doesn't like it here they will grant him the visitor visa now.
  3. So my dad got a green card about 3 years ago. He never intended to live here but we were forced to apply for the green card because they keep rejecting his visitor visa application. After the green card, he came over and stayed for 1 month and left. Now he is visiting my sister in Canada and I learned about that a bit late for him to get an appointment in home country so he could apply for US visa. I have a few questions: - Would it be difficult for him to get a visitor visa if he were to get an appointment? - Can he apply for the visa in Canada? - What if he just take his green card and try to cross the border by car (with my Canadian sister)? sometimes at the Canadian border they don't ask a lot of question. Will they know in their system that he was gone so long? if yes what will happen? TIA
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