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  1. My mother got her visa and my cousin will pick it up tomorrow. The interviewe went great I just forgot to sent the original of my birthday. So I had to wait almost 2 weeks for it to arrive then CEAC updated the status to issue on July 9th.
  2. Tomorrow my cousin is picking up my mother package. The journey truly is about to start. I thank God and all the people in this forum for their support.
  3. Hello my mother visa was issue on July 9th now I just need to go pick it up at the embassy. They journey is over and I thank the Lord and this support group. I already paid her immigration fee for her green card to be produce.
  4. My mother had her interviewed went well. Her passport was returned to her due to the fact that I didn’t send my original birth certificate. Today her passport plus my birth certificate was dropped in the Dropbox outside the embassy and the form 221g that was given to her after her interview was not taken. My cousin just filed out a white paper with case number, passport number and my mother’s name. Inside the envelope was my mother’s passport and 4x4 photo plus birth certificate. now I am just waiting to see the status change from Refused to administration processing to Approved. The journey is almost over. Thank You to God for his glory
  5. Got I know OP has her birth certificate but before the green card process which take longer I would recommended that OP find birth certificate fir parents as it is one required documentation or find an alternative solution with explication
  6. For the interview I sent a copy of my birth certificate. Also it is one of required document for the beneficiary to have. I am just sharing my experience. I sent her marriage certificate and they said birth certificate so I have to create one. Took another 6 weeks. If I was you. I will sent the I-130 document then start working on new birth certificate for them. In my country you can create one by saying the old one got lost and your parent will have to go to court with 2 witnesses. Hopefully it is different. It was at nightmare
  7. It is a must document to see. My mother status is pending due to the facts that I didn’t send my original birth certificate. I had to create my mother a birth certificate
  8. Got an email for my mother interview for June 23 at 8 AM. I am super excited but nervous at the same. I want to be there when she is having her interview but someone told me that it is not necessary. 

    God is Great. I can’t stop thanking Him 

    1. Bzegurl


      That is wonderful. My mom just had hers and it was a breeze. SHe was only asked two questions. If I was a citizen and if she was excited. 

    2. African Queen_B

      African Queen_B

      I have an updated. My mother went to the embassy and everything went well except that the Embassy want my original birth certificate. She was told that when she had my birth certificate she comes back put her passport and my birth certificate plus the document they gave her in the safe box outside the embassy. She doesn’t need to attempt or be present. They will call her to come get her approved document. 

      please put your original birth certificate your parent will bring it back. That’s what they told her. 

      i am so happy that I am finally at the end but most importantly I thank God for his glory 

  9. Affidavit is something needed. DNA is something they will take also if you don’t have anything to prove that she is your mother.
  10. This is great news. May God help y’all through the interview process. I am just waiting to hear back from NVC. Last they need my mother birthday certificate which was sent almost 2 months ago. Are you going to attempt the interview
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