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  1. I think the paperclips and staples might just be annoying for them to review, which is why they say not to put them. I honestly did clip things because my packet was also out of hand. I put tabs and labeled and didn't get an RFE. I agree with the person that said the names on passport photos would figure it out. You should be okay, definitely not a denial.
  2. What case are you? IR1/CR1 or a K-1... I didn't see that you have a timeline yet with dates. Just wondering I got CC on 02/20 and I am still waiting to be scheduled for an interview. When was your CC?
  3. CEAC works best with Internet Explorer.
  4. 01/20/19 - submitted all documents on CEAC 02/05/19 - notification of rejected document 02/06/19 - re-submission of document 02/20/19 - CEAC updated with case complete (the last time I spoke to NVC, they said my CC date was 02/20/19) 02/21/19 - Email from NVC stating documentarily qualified Interview date, still waiting...so two weeks since my CC date.
  5. I re-scanned, but I tore off the stamp and put it on a separate page and made sure it was straight up. It was accepted 2 weeks later. I also thought we couldn't alter the documents, but apparently they want us to. I didn't get a new document. Also, I still don't have an interview date. -__- It's been exactly two weeks. Hopefully, soon though!
  6. We checked the website periodically and we actually had a message on our CEAC saying we were documentarily qualified exactly 14 days after sending the last document. We didn't get the email until the next morning, so at 15 days. We had one document rejected because one of the stamps on the back page was sideways. Good luck.
  7. Oh thanks. I'll try that out now.
  8. Has anyone also been having trouble connecting the NVC, via phone? Every and I mean EVERY time I call they say the lines are busy and to call back later. Well I have been and they still don't let me through.
  9. They are passport style photos of the beneficiary ONLY. They go under “photographs” at least 2 photos. They should be recent, or as long as you the beneficiary doesn’t look significantly different. When I asked NVC they said it was optional to upload those, but I did it anyway because you never know. She did say to make sure to bring to your interview the ones you upload. Good luck!
  10. I'd say it's about 2-3 weeks. Mine, personally, took about 15 days.
  11. Yea, the CEAC gives you the option to upload "PHOTOGRAPHS" which means two 2x2 passport photos of the beneficiary. The secondary evidence of relationship you will only bring to the interview.
  12. You don't choose an agent anymore. Just go through and pay and fill out and upload.
  13. When I spoke to NVC they said that was optional. I still did it. What I did is I scanned the passport photos straight up and uploaded the PDF. They will expect us to bring those exact photos to the interview. Mine were accepted.
  14. I used PDF filler for some sections. I think you should be fine using PDF filler. My forms were accepted for I-864 and I used it. Just make sure to print it and sign it with a black pen. Scan and then upload. Bring the original wet ink signed form to the interview. Also, I was able to do my application and then immediately after upload civil documents.