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  1. My fiance is coming to US tomorrow. I am flying to New York to meet her there. Can anyone point me in the right direction where I can read about what to expect at POE and specially in NY. What questions they will ask her and what will they have her do. Go through her stuff, look at the documents, take picture, etc. Her english is not so good so I am trying to prepare her as much as I can. I will be waiting for her when she arrives. Will I be able to help if she will need a translation or can I even see her or come close to her when she will be asked? Any info will be helpful. Thank you guys and I am so exited.
  2. She got her passport with visa but they never called or emailed. We checked it on TMM site and it said that it was ready to pick up. She is flying Ukrainian airline on May 11th (Saturday) direct flight from Kiev to New York. Is anyone else flying that day? Would be a good thing if she knows someone on a plane and do it together. A question. Do you know a good post that I can read about what kind of questions she should prepare for at POE. Her English is not so good and she is nervous. Anything she needs to know about New Your entry? I will be there waiting for her once she gets through the security.
  3. Hello guys. Just wanted to update everyone. She had her interview last Thursday and got approved verbally. I already booked the flight from Kiev to JFK on May 11th. So I have one month to prepare the house for her and she has one month to pack and say goodbye to everyone. So that is awesome news. My only question is that we are waiting for the passport to come through TMM services. Will we get notice in the email or a phone call from TMM that they have her passport to pick it up? How long does it usually take? Do they ever take too long? I worry that we might not get it until she needs to fly. This worry thing just never ends. LOL.
  4. Thanks for all the help. When I was there we did everything, but the interview. We scheduled it for April 4th on Thursday. Hope everything will go great and she will get approved and be able to come here in May.
  5. Hello. I got my NVC number last Friday and of course it did not make the shipment yesterday so it will go out on the 19th. I am going to Ukraine to visit my fiance tonight and will be there for 2 weeks. so while I am there I will help her with all documentation preparation. So based on my readings and what I know here are the steps that we still need to do. Please, if I am missing something or my order is messed up just let me know. So far completed Before my trip and what I will bring with me. Affidavit of Support (I-134) completed and I also have W2, letter of employment from my company, copy of my last 4 checks. Updated "Letter of intent" from me, dated in March. (just in case) Prove of relationship and meetings (tickets, pictures, conversations) When I get there here is what we are planing on doing: Do police report (online) should take 5 to 10 days or so. Take a new passport photo Schedule medical in Kiev using our KEV number Go to Kiev for the medical appointment. Pay the fee. Go through exam. Pick up results next day. Print out form to pay the embassy fee Go to the bank and pay the fee for embassy Wait 24 hours for the banking to go through. Complete 160 form and link it with the payment number This is where I would leave back to US and she will do the rest on her own. Wait for the status of the NVC to be ready (after the shipment on the 19) Go online and schedule appointment for the embassy Go to Kiev for the interview (bring all the documents) Pick up the packet after Order ticket Fly to US and party....
  6. I am leaving today as well to visit my fiance in Ukraine. March 8th I had to be there. LOL. going for 2.5 weeks and will help her prepare all the documents and do medical while I am there. Our shipment didn't make it yesterday so it will be 19. If all goes well then all she has to do is schedule appointment and do the interview. when the status is ready. Interview should be around the first week of April and lets hope if all goes well she should be here in May.
  7. I am NOA 2 Jan 30 and my did not get shipped today. We have to wait till 19. 2 more weeks.
  8. It is almost 4pm and no one posted that it was shipped today? I checked like 20 times today. Anyone? How was this in the past? do they update this late in a day?
  9. I just checked my status and is still shows "At NVC" I will not be posting status anymore until I see the changes. Can all of us please update as soon as we see any changes? That way we don't have to post if we don't see it. I am checking it every 30 min.
  10. Thank you very much. How would one know where to find this info on how to fill it out and not to check the boxes. As other people pointed out that they did check number 38.
  11. Read the first Post in this conversation. But here is the shortcut. https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=o/iS8zDpeAKjMWCuebHqOw==
  12. #10 I didn't really create an acount unless you count that website where we had to register for the new USCIS website for tracking the case. #38 Any examples of what should I say for number 38? Do I just write that on the bottom (extra page)? There is no space right next to it. I thought that we don't have to put "I intend" because its talking about "Specific contributions".
  13. Question. I am filling out I-134 #10 asks for USCIS number is this the number that was given to us (WAC)? Or is it talking about something else and I don't have to worry about? #38 Do I have to check "Intend" or "do not intend" I am a little confused. Thank you guys.
  14. Tomorrow is the shipment from NVC. I got my case last Friday. I really hope that our case will get shipped out but I doubt that.
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