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  1. The extension letter is valid for one year from the date of GC expiry date.
  2. Thanks Lemon23! That's what I thought but couldn't remember.
  3. Now that my ROC is approved do I need to go to the SS office to let them know? I had already went in 2015 to request a new card that removed the "Valid for work only with DHS Authorization". so my current social security card does not have that language on it.
  4. sweetswinks

    ROC approval thread

    Would it not be easier to look at latest approvals via timelines? http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/liftlist.php?cfl=&op5=5,9,10,11,12 If everyone updates their timelines then you can track it easily without sifting through a thread with 100+ pages.
  5. Yes, many. Please visit the May 2017 filers thread
  6. Let us know when you've received your green card!
  7. I just got an alert my green card is being produced! I'm so happy!!!!
  8. Congrats Ire-Atl! I knew you'd get an approval next! Congrats!
  9. USCIS is definitely not approving in order. even my group of case numbers EAC17243 have been approved. My point was based off the trend it seems lately 400 days is the max wait (so far) for VSC.
  10. So if your case was EAC17229 then today is day 386 (just based off of your case number til now) and if you look at our VSC spreadsheet the longest wait between NOA date and approval is 400 days. You're still on par with most May filers! I really hope you get an approval soon!
  11. Ooooh! When did they have theirs approved??!
  12. Do you mean in the case tracker app?
  13. You can get an i551 stamp within 30 days of the card extension expiring. So if your Green Card expires on 8/4/17 then you're extended until 8/4/18. You can get the stamp within 30 days of that date.
  14. Yes its true. USCIS begins their year on October 1st. So my case number begins with EAC17243. As you can see the 17 is the year I filed, 243 is the day of USCIS' year. My NOA was dated May 30 but based off my case number they submitted it in their system officially on June 1 = 243 days from Oct 1st 2016.
  15. wanderer84 looking at the recent approvals i'd say you're up next!