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  1. Dear pushbrk,


    I very much appreciate your thoughts and competence in this forum and I was wondering if I could ask you a question: As you suggested a while ago, my husband prepared the CR-1 petition in July and sent it in without my signature. He didn't include my passport pictures as I was outside the us. However, the wording could also suggests that my pictures are required but are not falling under the "should be taken within 30 days" requirement. Upon rereading this, we both believe we made a mistake?


    However, it is what it is and we are now expecting a RFE. My husband is underway regularly for 4-6 weeks at a time, sometimes deploys for a few months. How can I maintain communication with UCSIS as I am the beneficiary but not the petitioner. Is it possible to copy me on the communication?


    I just don't want us to miss deadlines and RFE's.


    Kind regards,


    1. pushbrk


      Please post your question in the applicable public forum, where others can benefit from the discussion.  That's how VJ works.


    2. R&OC


      I did before asking you but will do so again. Thank you for responding, though.

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