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  1. I’ll ask him next time I speak to my husband but when I went through basic training, your phones were confiscated and you didn’t get them back until the end of training. When we talked to our families, it was by pay phone
  2. He has it, but the drill sergeants are claiming contacting their office by way of phone or fax presents a security issue. I only need them to make a copy of the green card and email it or fax it to me.
  3. That’s what I said, but the military insisted we don’t do it so I said ok with some skepticism.
  4. Long story short, spouse enlisted in military and was told by recruiter to not file for ROC as it would jeopardize citizenship paperwork filed on his behalf. It’s literally the month of his GC expiration and his drill sergeants just called today to ask what are our plans on his GC because the as of last year, recruits must now wait 6 months to file for citizenship AND all immigration offices at or near post instillations that facilitate the process have been closed so the drill sergeants are unsure of what to do about his status. I do not have a copy of the green card to file ROC and the drill sergeants will not provide me contact information to them so that we can work through this issue before the GC expires citing security concerns, ie I can’t ask them to make a copy of the GC and send it to me to file. I have spoken to USCIS and they seem clueless about their own policy as their only advice is to read a brochure on naturalization but never answering the question. Has anyone removed conditions under similar conditions and how did it remove conditions without access to the green card?
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