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  1. cc13

    Rental income

    see part 7 of the form and instructions. https://www.uscis.gov/i-864 yes you can declare assets and bank info. #2 of part 7 asks current net value of real estate minus mortgage... even not knowing the value of your present house im still leaning towards you are better off not in debt, with potentially 2 mortgages. obtaining new rental properties by getting yourself into further debt to show higher income wont fly. i'm still not exactly sure what you are trying to have answered or do. the tax information can not be fabricated. you can't suddenly land yourself in freelance or investment income not previously evidenced anywhere without questions. it all goes back to your tax returns. I still question why you are so focused on this bit. I do get it is easy to get wrapped up in the process. but like I said, you may need to consult a CPA.
  2. cc13

    Rental income

    I noticed your other thread regarding taking a job as a taxi driver to spend more time with your fiancé. Not knowing your entire situation, it sounds like you are concerned with being to be able to show enough income down the road when it comes to filing the I-485. You mentioned owning your home outright (no mortgage) and seeking to purchase more than one or more investment rental income properties with 25 -50% down, which to me sounds like you have cash in the bank as well. The I-485 (not the EZ version) does have a section you can fill out to list assets in situations where reported income alone does not meet the threshold. From what you mentioned, it sounds to me like you may have enough to qualify that way. (listing bank accounts, value of your home, and any other assets you may have) If not you can always seek a joint sponsor. I would advise against incurring a mortgage (or possibly more than one) and all of the unknown expenses and potential losses of speculative real estate, solely for a form you do not yet have to submit for a year or possibly more. Should you wish to create a real estate investment for your future together, I would advise consulting a certified public accountant that specializes in real estate, before you buy anything. You mentioned in the other thread, you would like time off to spend with your fiancé .. Have you considered asking your present employer for a leave of absence (not paid time off, but still have a job when you return) and renting your home on a short term basis while you are out of the country?
  3. I would say if his W-2 wages alone enough to meet the income requirement, then just use the I-864EZ, if not, then go with the I-864 to show the shares, and any other assets as well.
  4. oh wow. So glad you were able to get a human on the phone so quickly, and you were able to fix it. Hopefully now you get a case complete soon!
  5. no problem! If they do let you know what the problem is let me know, as we have just started the wait for them to review our submitted docs.
  6. How odd, I would definitely give them a call to find out what is up then. NVC phone : (603) 334-0700
  7. When I log in to the website for ours it reads 'Submitted' not uploaded. Did you submit the changed documents after you uploaded them?
  8. cc13

    NVC case status help

    I believe you need to go here as K1 is classed as a non immigrant visa, then fill out form DS-160. (edit) I could be wrong, hopefully someone more recently familiar with K-1 will come along to correct me or confirm. https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx
  9. its been doing that off and on for the better part of a week for both my husband and I. took him 2.5 days to complete the ds 260 because the site kept crashing.
  10. Go here and you should get an idea of the NVC process.
  11. @Wuozopo thank you! Duh!!! I was reading to much into it. do understand I tend to over complicate things, (I is American afterall) and when I see a form, or a piece of paper, it hurts my brain a little, as nothing is truly straight forward. As in that would not be a link to download print an email if it was not important. I am also exhausted from this go around the second time around, just to get my husband back home. Thank you again, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
  12. cc13


    Hiya, congrats. you should be able to get an idea here.
  13. I was curious so I did the 'ask Emma thing' on the USCIS website. You are good to go, using that one. best of luck!
  14. So after what has seemed like eons of waiting, we FINALLY got a case and invoice number. We paid both the AOS and IV fee, the status is still 'in process' instead of 'paid' as it is the weekend, and it says it takes a couple of days. That is fine, while I am waiting I am finalizing the AOS package so I can upload it as soon as it lets me. (im assuming it has to go to paid before it will let me upload anything) In reading the instructions, it says I must upload the attached cover sheet or face delays. I need more delays like I need another hole in my head. Soooo, My first question is, I have tried both printing, and emailing cover sheet to myself, and my spouse. In all cases, Where I am pretty sure there should be a bar code there is a little 'x' in a box like it is a borked link to an image. (see attached) I have updaded Adobe, tried using other PDF readers, and even tried different browsers. Anyone have an idea what is going on there? Second question, Does this get uploaded separately? (as in on its own as a separate file?) or Does it get uploaded as part of (as in, on top of the I-864, scanned in as one file) and if that is the case, does it also get scanned in as the first page of all the supporting docs as well? Hope someone who has done electronic processing, can help me make some sense of this. I am trying to have everything organized and ready to go as soon as the status turns to paid, and I can just upload the files, not wasting time re scanning and playing shrinky dink to get the files sizes under 2mb all over again. Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to answer.
  15. We are the same NVC receive date as you, I have been calling everyday, I called yesterday and got the same standard "it can take up to 8 weeks". This morning at 8:30 EST we got the email with our case number! So hopefully you hear something later today or tomorrow.