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  1. They did. The interviewer said it should all be approved today. Its confusing why they would say it isn't needed.
  2. I had my interview today and I was accepted on the condition I uploaded a 2017 tax transcript to ceac. That document has been rejected with a comment saying "not needed". Has anyone experienced a similar situation uploading documents to ceac after the interview?
  3. Has anyone attended the interview without their 2018 transcript? If so what other information should I take to avoid being delayed?
  4. How long did it take for people's 2018 transcripts to be available online? My interview is in two weeks and not sure what to do if the transcript isn't available for it.
  5. Yes I did. I was on hold for over an hour and was 4th in line. So glad everything is booked now.
  6. have you been able to register yet? I get a message saying that the case doesn't have an interview scheduled.
  7. not really, the last few months the interview dates have been sent out on or around the 19th for London
  8. When you say picked up the visa does this mean he went to the embassy to collect it? I thought it was delivered by courier.
  9. We sent a letter as we don't have access either but it looks like we have an RFE for it. Can't be for sure but will find out later tonight hopefully
  10. 8th of march the last time but another two times before that.
  11. Did you get an update on ceac email or was it different?
  12. No this is our second. We submitted the tax return just as they had changed their policy. We found out in 9 days that time but 2 weeks this. I see people getting approved in 3 days from resubmitting. A few weeks ago people were approved the same day. Hopefully that is what happens with us
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