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    Well we have received the K1 on April 23rd,2008 ,but due to a HUGE mistake that United Airlines made (they cancelled my tickets instead of rescheduling them) and a lot of family related problems ,we never did use the Visa.I sent all papers back to Frankfurt just before the Visa expired and asked the Consulate to keep the case open if at all possible.And they actually gave us time until 04/21/2009 to apply for a new Visa for me and my son.So I went to see my man in December and we finally worked things out (after not having seen each other for 15 months!) and faxed all documents to Frankfurt.Due to my sons birthday on Feb 4th,they even expedited our case and gave us a requested Interview Date for the 21st of January.Now we are hoping to get the Visa real soon and FINALLY go home and get married on Valentines Day.........

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  1. I don’t know how to do the spreadsheet but I am an American as of 02/12/18 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😜
  2. So I was approved Monday, day after I get the Oath date for the 6 th of February at 1.30 AM. yes it said AM Today , just now I get an e mail that my Interview was cancelled “ per request”!!!!! i didn’t make that request. im freaking out!!!
  3. VetsWife328

    Oath letter online?!

    Ugh!! just got the e mail!
  4. How do you pull the Oath Letter ( appointment letter) up online? online filer here
  5. Well, my gut was right... it went wrong... Took the test went through the questions, she made me sign that I want to take the Oath ... Then she says she has to check one more thing looks at her computer, shakes her head and says she can’t approve me yet because of a background check that’s not back “ because the system is too slow”. She then handed me a letter saying recommended for approval and that’s it. once I get out to the waiting area again I overhear another IO tell an applicant to be there at 1.30 pm for the ceremony... so much for the system being slow... I don’t know what’s going on other than that I had a feeling something would go wrong and sure as hell it did.... Americanintrainin let me know how it went for you in Seattle today
  6. Thanks you all! yeah should be easy but I unfortunately have had BAD experiences with Immigration from being detained at airports twice to someone trying to have me kicked out of the USA ( ex didn’t want to pay child support therefore called USCIS on me for fraud thinking if I get kicked out I’ll take kid and leave) . Even though it was only aggravating and obviously nothing ever came of it I can’t help but think what’s gonna go wrong this time around.. And yeah 9 years from entry 01/27/2009 until Interview 01/22/2018 for N 400 Interview.
  7. Soooo, Monday is the day I have waited for for 9 years... and im getting a case of the wacky nerves.. anyone else with an interview on Monday?
  8. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/lapse-federal-funding-certain-uscis-operations NO Impact on scheduled Interviews
  9. I’m all confused now... My Interview is on Monday , Seattle does same day Oath Ceremony, so in case I pass I want to take the Oath on Monday. Do I need passport photos?!?!? Who has had same day Oath?! Please tell me if I need pics or not ?!? At Biometric appointment I was told they will use THAT picture for the Certificate. im running out of time!!!
  10. I did report it on the N 400 but don’t have any court documents. Fine was paid before I even left the court house.
  11. In 2011 I had a traffic ticket, went to court paid my fine and done. Never got any documentation on it, will I need that for N 400 Interview?!
  12. I’m starting to almost be worried because I’m getting my interview this quick.im an online filer and filed on 8/28/17 my interview in Seattle is on 01/22/18. But I have been a resident for 8 years and never left the country, still married to same petitioner from I 129...
  13. What happened? arent you a Seattle Filer?
  14. Is the biometrics pic the one used for Certificate?