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  1. Kim and Jermaine

    I-751 August 2017 Filers

    We were updated today that our I-751 was transferred from VSC to a different office for processing. The extension on the gc ends in mid-March so I hope it's not much longer!
  2. Kim and Jermaine

    Niece wants to attend senior year high school in U.S.

    Thank you guys, I got the same results and info during my search and see now that it's not something that we are willing to take on.
  3. My niece is 16 and finished high school one year early in Jamaica. Shes interested in coming stay with my family here in the U.S. to do what would be considered here, her senior year. She has been approved for a visitors Visa and has traveled once during last year to stay a time with family here in U.S. What steps does she need to take to apply for a student Visa? I'm confused on how exactly to go about it because school has already started here and she has just brought this up to us. She's applying to a community college in Jamaica but otherwise has no schooling left as a youth in Jamaica. She'll be 17 in December. Would she even be able to take this year to go through the application process and then (if approved) enter U.S. high school as a senior next fall?
  4. I would be planning another visit just to see him. I've seen others here go a while without visiting but it looks better if you keep closer.
  5. Kim and Jermaine

    New to the site

    I still support the K1 Visa, but the days of comparing are years behind me. He had his EAD in less than 2 months after filing AOS.
  6. Kim and Jermaine

    New to the site

    I just wanted to say, after reading several comments on K1 in this thread.... do you want to marry in the States? Or in the foreign country? I went the K1 route because at the time, it was quicker. I'm not sure if wait times are any different now, I dont keep up with it. I've kept my timeline updated if you'd like to see our wait times at each phase. Good luck regardless of decision!
  7. Kim and Jermaine

    I-751 August 2017 Filers

    My concern was, when his extension expired, it could be possible to lose his job, not to mention everything else since he would be out of status. That was the only reason I scrambled to get an info pass appointment. I'm not sure all that would happen, but it worried me. The DMV refuses to give you a new license or ID with less than 2 months on current status
  8. I sent in a printed screenshot from BCBS insurance app showing me and my kids insured through my husbands employer provided health insurance. I also sent copies of coverage/beneficiary certificates from ADD and life insurance policies.
  9. I'm sorry I dont have any helpful advice, except maybe dont cancel tickets and just try? Unless you happened to buy refundable tix...
  10. Yes, one way or the other. In Jamaica it was sent to a DHL location where my husband was to go with I.D. to pick it up.
  11. Hmmm, I'm not sure then. I can only guess that the smaller fee still stands as paid, is that the one giving you the message? It says they will send an invoice to the agent, it's been too long for me to remember who that refers to. Sorry I'm not much help.
  12. Kim and Jermaine

    I-751 August 2017 Filers

    🎉🎉 yay! I'm glad they're showing up!
  13. Kim and Jermaine

    I-751 August 2017 Filers

    This should be what you're looking for. ❤