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  1. Hi all, I had my oath taking ceremony this past Thursday. It took just a little over 15 min. Super quick and easy! It took 6 months from the time I filed N-400 to officially becoming a US citizen and getting that naturalization certificate. I’m very relieved and happy! For the ones still waiting, I hope you get updates soon!
  2. Thank you! it’s the Santa Ana office 🙂 Best of luck to you
  3. The above post was mine. Just wanted to add that I had my interview yesterday, 8/4 and the officer said the letter for the oath ceremony date and time will be mailed to me Let me know if any of you want to know more about the details of my interview experience (I ended up telling the officer about my speeding ticket since it was technically a citation), what I brought with me, and the test portion etc. today (8/5) my case status changed and my oath ceremony has been scheduled. I was surprised that only one day after my interview, my case status has changed already and I saw the date and time of my oath taking ceremony (happening in two weeks). I hope everyone here who are still waiting get an update soon.
  4. Thanks! I got the notice 6/27 and my interview is scheduled for next month…August. 😁
  5. Hi everyone, I applied 2/19 and got a notice date on 6/27 for a scheduled interview next month. Applied in Southern California.
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