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  1. Hello everyone ! My ead card was approved and came 43 days ago.i received a rfe for birth certificate from form i 485 and replied on the same day (19 november) but still it is written and not updated Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received? Is it normal? Thank you Rfe ( birth certificate)
  2. No we did not mossad step.I applied 3 days after getting married And then we went office 2 more times. officer stated that he made a mistake and He said you have to wait because the i-94 form has expired:( no i have not ead yet. Itin good idea right?
  3. Hello; I came with k1 and got married last july.my husband is entering the tax "married" I started the aos process about 5 months ago but i have not ssn number.office worker made a mistake and they said you should wait your greencard:( We cannot enter my name because there is no ssn number. Does anyone have information? Can I try again Ssn number? Or itin number? Thank you so much
  4. Thank you so much sir! and i'm sorry my stupid question but we don't know and we wanted ask:)
  5. Hey guys!2 months ago I came with a k1 visa and got married.My Aos package reached the place I sent about 5 days ago.my husband sent the payment as a check($1225) but money is still in my account and has not been charged. Is it problem? Thanks
  6. Hey guys I have an interview on 26 April and ım so excited.Everything is ready but ı want to ask someting. I'm worried even though it says it's unnecessary. My fiance have a one name 1 middle name and surname and he have a suffix. Noa2 page just writing name middle name and surname.he said to me that everything can not be a problem What do you think?
  7. Hello again my friend:) I want to ask someting again:) We called 2 days ago nvc. They said you have a not problem and they gave us ank...... nvc number but our file still in nvc so file has not been transferred to ankara. I want to ask "before our file comes to ankara( turkey) Can we schedule an interview date for March or April? Thank you soooooo much
  8. Thank you very much I think it will be good to be orginal:) i can wait mail for interview:)
  9. Hi! K1 visa Is a wet signature required for a sponsorship form( I-134) or can be scanned and sent as e-mail?what original documents do I need for the interview? thankss
  10. Yes.we answered yes to the question But we forgot to send the documents. we got rfe and we answered.
  11. I want to ask you someting. we have received an rfe 1 month ago. About traffic punishment and we answered. We are verry sure we send wrong passport style pictures We did not sent becouse they did not want with rfe. you think there's a problem? We didn't want to send something they didn't want. What do you think I'm so worried. Thank you
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