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  1. For police verification and medical certification, will they give any instruction to get it done by specific doctors? Do we have to wait or start doing ourselves?
  2. Finally, I received an email for both of my parents yesterday from National Visa center to fill out the AOS fees so what I have to do next? Just filled those fees $120 & $325 and wait for the further instructions? Any response will be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thank you @dzyrhetom for replying back in detail. I have received the letter for both of my parents (including my father as well) from USCIS that they have approved the petition and sent the application to NVC, and they mentioned I should hear from NVC within 4 weeks if I don't hear within 4 week and then send an inquiry by email. Now I have to hear from NVC. That's true waiting is not an easy thing but I want everything to go in a smooth way and my parents will be here soon! So you are saying NVC will send an email/ mail within 3-7 business days after approval to assign a case number then it will further take 4-8 weeks to ask and submit fees and forms right! I think my country has online access and option to fill online.
  4. I received the letter from USCIS that my mom application has been approved and sent it to NVC. How long is it going to take to receive a letter from NVC? What is the next step after that? For my father, I didn't receive any approval letter. Although I received a letter for request of evidence, which I submitted one month ago since then I didn't hear from them. Online, it's showing they have received the requested document but no progress for one month.
  5. Wait for next month. I would say because at NVC they take 2 to 3months to offer an interview!
  6. Sorry for the late reply, its Potomac service center. Today on August 11, 2018, I received mail regarding the request for evidence, where they are asking for parents marriage certificate in a foreign language. I just sent in English translation. Congratulations to them, who got approval already. What is the procedure after receiving NOA2? How long is it going to take them to come to the USA? How much income should be to support them?
  7. Let's start the page for US citizen who applied for their parents on December 2017. Priority Date December 22, 2017 Received Date December 26, 2017 From Atlanta Send Documents to Chicago Lockbox
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