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  1. Is your brother in USA single? If he’s married and has kids, his joint sponsor form should include his wife and kids plus your other brother, in the household size question. For both your mother’s and your brother’s I-864 forms, please read official instructions in detail and try to fill them both correctly this time. If you’re unsure about any part of the form (after reading the instructions) come to this forum and ask for advice. If your brother has both I-864s correctly filled with him at his interview, he will be fine. Otherwise, consular officer will not accept wrongly filled forms and your brother’s case will be delayed.
  2. Oh I quoted you, to agree with you. Grandmas helping with newborns always derail threads and make everyone loose track of the original question/post.
  3. Can you please let us know which documents he suggested? My mom will have an interview soon, I’m very interested.
  4. Nothing gets more attention than sweet excited grandmas, visiting to hold their daughters’ terrified hand during labor and perhaps change a few diapers while their postpartum daughters take a 45 minute nap to compensate for their sleepless nights. Those mischievous nasty grandmas, stomping on the laws in pure bliss
  5. I wasn’t requested to choose an agent at CEAC. I’ve paid, filled, submitted forms, and got case complete. Continue with the process. (I’m the petitioner and the applicant is my mom)
  6. She can’t get birth certificates of her MARRIED children, she was told, when she attempted. Country is Turkey. We don’t have hardcopy birth certificates there. You request one and they print&stamp one, valid for 6 months (because other events are marked too, like marriage, divorce, death)
  7. Hi everybody, My mom is getting her original documents ready for her interview. On the official pre-interview checklist (attached below) the last item is her children’s birth certificates, even if they’re not accompanying. MY QUESTION: Should I read the word “children” as minors? My brothers are married adults, thus she’s unable to get their original birth certificates, as per her country regulations. Both my brothers live abroad, so it’s very inconvenient to get one and send to my mom internationally. Thank you in advance for all responses.
  8. I’ve entered my mom’s current address starting from her 16th birthday and saved. That took me to next question. I went back to address question, corrected dates for current address and added one more address, starting from 16th bday until current address’s move-in date. Save, correct, repeat for all addresses.
  9. Thank you Boiler. Another poster wrote “add spouse and children asap” so I got curious. I applied for my brother 2 years ago and left it alone 👍🏻
  10. Since sibling category is a long wait, I have always assumed we apply and forget about it. I thought all the info will be updated when the sibling’s priority date becomes current and we file more forms. My question is, through out the 13-14 year long wait, do we update NVC of all life changes? Marriage, divorce, childbirth etc.
  11. If you give more details, like the relationship between you and the petitioner (parent-son or sibling-sibling) and the legal status of the petitioner (permanent resident or citizen) you may get better answers.
  12. Ironman, please study the attachments below. Your step-daughter’s category: Right now: F2B After her mom becomes citizen: F1 After she gets married: F3 So your wife can now file I-130 in F2B category and get a priority date for her daughter. Then, if I understand correctly, your wife can move the category from F2B to F1, without loosing the priority date. And then to F3 after her daughter is married. My second attachment shows which priority dates are being processed as of March 2019. You’ll immediately see, how faster it is, to bring unmarried daughters here. You have a good guess that your step-daughter will get her visa under F3 category. Regardless, as other posters have pointed out, it’s best to get a priority date as soon as possible. It’s like getting in the line at a movie theatre before deciding which movie or even which time of the day you’ll see one. There will be plenty of time to figure it out These attachments will come handy, when you’re having the long talk with your wife and step-daughter. Best wishes!
  13. I will definitely make my mom take 2018 taxes with her. We are waiting for the interview too and most probably it will be after April 15th. If I don’t have the 2018 tax transcript by then, I will make her take 1040s and all, instead. On the same subject, does anybody think it’s a good idea to have my mom put an updated I-864 in her folder, with 2018 exact income figure? The one we uploaded on CEAC (and accepted) has 2017, 2016, 2015 tax transcripts income figures. In other words, should I make my mom have another signed I-864 with 2018, 2017 and 2016 on it, since her interview will be after tax due date?
  14. If you entered the suffix in all your forms, but THEIR noa2 paper doesn’t have it, it will not be a problem. For example, my son’s school’s printing format is not designed to include suffix. So his school reports etc. doesn’t have his suffix, even though school’s digital records have it. Consular officer won’t hold you responsible that NOA2 print design omits suffixes. He/she is probably well aware of it, don’t worry.
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