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  1. My visa refused .counslor sending for revocations
  2. On 2 may..my case was transfered to nvc.. interview at islambad embassy 6th september..i think that round about that much time for u too
  3. I understand.. thanx so much...now more years of wait
  4. This moth refused status update three times .on 1st oct 16 oc and 18 oct... is it good sign..maybe supervisor reviewing our case .. i have hear that if a file touch by officer then status updated.. Becuse counslor officer took descion of refused on the interveiw.. should i hope for good
  5. Cr1 Visa refused while interveiw at embassy... counslor give a paper sending for revocation...but almost 40 days status updated with refused even today .. what does it mean ..is that means they reveiwing my case
  6. Whats ur priority date ?? What were the questions ???
  7. Muhammad6777

    Immigration wait destroys marriages?

    Is ur case pending at embassy ?? When was ur interveiw? Whats reason of dealy ?
  8. Muhammad6777

    How to make refused visa reviewd

    They keep certificates of mine marriage birth
  9. Muhammad6777

    How to make refused visa reviewd

    Cr1 visa ..whats recertification
  10. thanx Oh i understand. Its more than a month..still my status is refused ..they didn't transfer case yet... possibly maybe they reveiw it
  11. But my visa refused at consulate..they say sending for revocation... i dont think supervisor review it yet Not yet i think...becuse refusal at the consulate... they dont inform me yet that case reveiwd... refusal status from the day of interveiw
  12. Muhammad6777

    How to make refused visa reviewd

    Hi, its one month my visa refused at consulate while interveiw and also give me paper sending for revocation.. status is still refused ..we email them for supervisor review..but no response.. The question is that how to ask them for senior supervisor review our case??
  13. But counslor officer refused me while interveiw... they dont respond me yet they review my case ??
  14. I dont ask officer read the email....did clarical stalf reads the inquireis ??