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  1. Hi guys my parents are Pakistani National and live in Pakistan.I am US citizen.I have sponsored them for green card via submitting i-130 back in may 2021 which is still pending.can anyone please tell me all the steps from i-130 to receiving green card and cost for each step? I have great deal of confusion regarding the whole process.one of my friend has been telling me for weeks that why don’t you go ahead and file i-485 for your parents now otherwise they will not receive their green card.he says that the purpose of i-485 is to start the process of getting green card. My understanding is that I-485 can only be filed if my parents are living here with me in the US. I apologize for any inconvenience and if these question has been discussed before in forum
  2. I apologize if these question has been asked and answered before my question is how long does Islamabad US embassy takes to Sechdule interview appointment after NVC forwards case to them in case of US citizen’s parents for the green card?how many years of tax returns and W2 we need to send NVC?if both spouse file their taxes jointly then is it compulsory for both spouses to fill i-864 separately for one spouse parent’s green card petition?
  3. I have filed and submitted I-130 petition online for my brother one month ago.now I am filing I-130 for my mother.one question while filing confused me”have you previously filed petition for this alien or any other alien” I answered yes since one month ago I submitted online I 130 for my brother but next question was confusing “where was the application filed and name the town or city and state ? Should I put in the name of city and state where I live?I just noticed that the actually it’s the California service center which sent to me my brother’s I-130 receipt so should I answer California as state and Laguna niguel as city leave blank i didn’t Mail I 130 for my brother I submitted it online it confusing me please help
  4. How often does USCIS approve or deny re-entry permit applications for 10 year green holders?can anyone explain on what grounds does USCIS approve or deny re-entry permit requests?please share information or your personal experience.I apologize if this question has been asked and and answered earlier.
  5. Is it compulsory to upload and submit parents passport pages along with form I-130 to uscis?my parents just applied for passport renewal and it’s gonna take atleast month or so for them to get their new passports
  6. Hello,I am US citizen and I am going to petition & sponsor my parents for green card.we are family of three with 1 3 year old boy.our financial situation is not that great.we both part time because we both are in school as well completing our graduate degree.how much do we need to make as couple to sponsor my parents for green card?I have also petitioned my brother for green card in F4 category few weeks ago.Do we only need to submit form I-864 to department of state?do we need to submit form I-864,pay stubs,tax returns separately to both department of state and US embassy/consulate?how many months of pay stub do we need to send?if I stop working in next few months while petition is pending will it make it difficult for both petition to get approved even though my spouse will be working?I apologize if these questions were asked or answered by any member in the group
  7. I was about to file I-130 for my father green card but I noticed that there are some disparencies in his name spelling between his passport and his birth certificate. his birth certificate says=Muhammad his passport says=Mohammed even on my brith certificate his name is spelled as “Muhammad”. my 4 younger brothers birth certificate has his name spelled as”Muhammad”as well.should we get the new passport for him and get his name spelling changed from” Mohammed ”to” Muhammad”.what should I put his name on his I-130 “Muhammad”or “Mohammed ”?I am not sure passport office is going to change it and fix the issue even though his passport expired 5 months ago he lives in Pakistan and has Pakistani passport
  8. I am green card holder and I would like to file for 4 sons living in Pakistan they all are unmarried but above 21 years of age.I have few questions?how long does the whole process takes from filling I-130 upto them receiving visa from US embassy in Islamabad on average?how long does uscis take to process I-130 for kids above 21 years of age?how long does uscis takes to send case to nvc?how long does nvc take to contact us after receiving case from uscis?how long does nvc take to send case to us embassy?how much should I be earning in year to sponsor my 4 kids?is affidavit of support required both for NVC and embassy?do We need to submit affidavit of support both for NVC and embassy separately at their respective stages?other than previous 1 year tax returns and affidavit of support is there any thing I need to submit to meet financial requirements?what is the total cost of whole process?I apologize if someone has answered all these questions earlier but I have great confusion all these steps so I want to mentally prepared for them in advance unfortunately I cannot afford lawyer once again I apologize for any kind of inconvenience
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