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  1. Can you please provide your source. I haven't read that anywhere? The only other thing I got to know was Family Registration Certificate (FRC). Thanks for helping though.
  2. I recently submitted my mother's 2 marriage certificates. One in Urdu (Nikka Nama) and another one in English (NADRA) of the same thing as stated on NVC website (Link). Now they have rejected her marriage certificate again stating that Pakistan requires 3 certificates. NVC seems to be contradicting themselves. Can anybody here provide any guidance. Thanks
  3. Yes, got it. Thanks for the prompt help. Does this mean that we have to wait another 3 months to them to review it?
  4. What is this? what is 2 marriage certificates? I submitted the English one with all the attestations Please help. Thanks.
  5. And that's all I wanted. Can't wait to get back to work but having an infant on my hand is quite a ride.
  6. Thanks for your response. I'm not planning on staying home forever. I'm pretty confident that I can handle all the expenses once I get some help with the kiddo. I have already made the payment. Do you think I should wait until I get a job to proceed with the i-864?
  7. Yes, I do earn at that level. Me and my daughter are the only people in the household.
  8. I do own the house that I live in, and a decent size savings account. Would that help?
  9. Hi everybody, Here is the landscape: I'm a single father, living with my 3month old daughter. Currently claiming unemployment benefit because I can't work on-site with an infant on hand, been unemployed since mid February 2022 . I do earn well above the poverty rate and we are a household of 2 (My daughter and I). I can get back to work once my mother comes over. would selecting 'Unemployed' (Form i-864, Part 6) negatively effect my mother's case at NVC or should I wait to get a job first and then proceed? Thanks
  10. Finally got i-130 approved for my mother. Here is our story so others can be better prepared. After submitting my attested and translated birth certificate we still got a RFE. I have attached a copy of the reason for a RFE, timeline and the list of more evidence that they asked for. In our case, for folks from Pakistan an Family Registration Certificate (FRC) worked. In addition to the FRC we submitted my mother's older passports copies with my name on her passport. Reason for RFE: In the case of people from Pakistan: Timeline:
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