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  1. You have to check 1.d. It's not 1.b. because you never requested consular processing while filling out I-130. Therefore, it should be 1.d.
  2. I’ve seen a lot of people post similar issue today and yesterday on Facebook so I would recommend giving it a couple more days and it should be updated on the ceac system too. Congrats on DQ 🎉
  3. For anyone wondering from future, I got scheduled for January 27, 2023. So it took 11 days after DQ to get an interview appt letter. 😄
  4. USCIS don't go by clues. They go by evidence and what you write on I-130. They have tens of thousands of forms to adjudicate and don't have time not to be ''lazy'' and invest that much time into single petition. That's why you either invest time to read instructions before filling or hire a lawyer to do that for you.
  5. 1) Write a letter to the exact USCIS service center currently processing your case. Make sure it includes all the information such as names of petitioner and beneficiary, date of birth, receipt number + your statement saying you want to withdraw the petition. 2) CR1/IR1 yes. Most likely CR1 since time will restart.
  6. 1) You have to withdraw the I-130 because your current marriage is invalid. 2) Do a proper divorce with 1st spouse 3) remarry the current “spouse” 4) File a new I-130 and be ready to explain the reason why you withdraw the previous one. As long as you do the right thing and follow the steps you should be fine. Only down side is lost time but more you wait more time you’ll lose at this point. Good luck!
  7. Where you able to fix the situation? and once you got documentarily qualified how long it took to receive the appointment letter from Tbilisi Embassy?
  8. Was anyone recently waiting, scheduled or completed interview at U.S embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia? How long was the wait after DQ? I was DQ’d yesterday at NVC (IR category) and trying to figure out wait time. I would appreciate the information.
  9. Oct 5, Got DQ'd today (first try) SOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! I submitted docs on 8PM EST so they are mostly done with OCT 5. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Great news, congratulations!!! Looks like your second submission didn’t change the initial date as I am also Oct 5 and still waiting. By the way, was your second document submission on Oct 6 in the required document section or additional (optional) section?
  11. Georgian fellow here, I completely understand your frustration. Basically, Georgian Government has two different agency issuing same exact document. So many people get confused to which one to bring. Easiest way to find out which one is correct is to check 'Police Records - ''Procedure of Obtaining'' on this link https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Georgia.html. (Hope this helps to other people who is confused) Besides this, if he listened to you, this delay would have been avoided and I would definitely suggest reconsidering to continue with the process as he has failed to listen and even acknowledge your requests.
  12. You will get an email notifications which mentions that your documents have been accepted.
  13. Hey all, today I saw one person get DQ who submitted docs on September 30. So tomorrow might be the day we see first October DQ. Good luck to you all. My submission date is Oct 5 so I will also post update here.
  14. If you submit more documents before NVC reviews them you don't go back in line. Once NVC reviews the documents and requests new ones that's when you go back in line.
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