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  1. I recently had my citizenship interview and passed the test! Yippee! However USCIS is asking that I get a document from MX that shows that I don’t owe child support. I’ve tried contacting my consulate, the registro civil, and even went to the child support office here. I’ve never owed child support and there’s no case in Mexico so no one seems to know where I can get this document from. It literally just needs to say there are no open cases and I have no financial obligations from the Mexican government. Does anyone know where I can get this from!?
  2. Thanks! That’s a relief because the consulate told him he has to call everyday because they’re not scheduling appointments and allow them sporadically…. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄
  3. Hi all, My husband finally got the citizenship interview scheduled after over 2 years pending, for his N-400 application. It says to bring his MX passport. A couple questions: - The NOA says to bring passport, green card and any other documents used for travel. Does it matter if his MX passport is expired? The USCIS document doesn’t mention validity. (We haven’t left the US since prior COVID started in 2019 and his passport expires this month which is of course the same month as his interview. 🤦🏻‍♀️) - He wants to renew his MX passport but isn’t sure the consulate will have it renewed prior to his interview. Does he need to wait to renew it? Or it needs to be valid so he has to renew it? - Does he need the original passport he traveled with for the interview or can he provide the renewed one if it’s done in time? TIA for your help!
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