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  1. I stumbled into an interesting article talking about how the 90 day franchise is exploiting the cast members lol. Basically it was saying TLC provides loans or capital to cast members causing them to fall into a cycle of having to film episodes to pay it off. Its why some 'older' cast members are still appearing and looking less than enthusiastic to be there. It also explains why so many of the 'familiar faces' are the ones who seem to be either in need of money or they previously did something on the show that they most likely couldnt have afforded with out the show advancing them the funds they used for it- so they are now paying it off with future episodes. Its the classic pay day loan scenario trapping them in debt and keeping them on the screen.
  2. Newest show- Love in Paradise The Caribbean A 90 day story. Just FYI if you have kids or watch in a family setting-- beginning of the episode features a man who works at a swingers resort and the footage included fully topless women (frontal) and back sides of a man (men?) They really put the '+' in discovery +
  3. @mallafri76 Sometimes tagging the person in the forums generates an email if they have their VJ account settings to notify them of such. You can also post on her profile as that may generate an email alert.
  4. They are processed by 2 different gov agencies. SSA and USCIS. Have nothing to do with each other. Of course it will expire. ROC processing takes 1-2 years on average. When you file you get a NOA extension letter. You can show your expired card +NOA and it is proof of status for work and travel for 18 months. If your ROC is not approved when that expires you can get a 551 stamp for proof of status. None of that is part of the ROC process. You should browse the ROC subforum for more information about ROC in general as it seems you are unaware of what is and isnt required. Affidavits are considered secondary evidence. You can include them if you like but they should not be your main evidences. Here is a somewhat recent post about how to assemble ROC evidences with less then traditional evidences. It is not a problem to not have a joint bank account. You need to show shared finances not a shared account.
  5. NO. Subsequent entries does not remove the 'removing of conditions' obligation nor does obtaining a replacement greencard. She entered in 2019. She was given a conditional card. She needs to remove conditions. The fact that she spent time overseas and obtained a returning residents visa is irrelevant, in fact the whole 'returning' bit of 'returning resident' means she is returning on the resident visa she has/had vs getting a new one. A new visa would have given her the 10yr card because it would have been issued after 2yr marriage. Does that all make sense?
  6. I dont believe the comment was suggesting you wont be allowed to make corrections because you will have an opportunity to do so but rather giving you a 'life lesson' about being careful with what you sign- especially if the document says 'under penalty of perjury'! You never ever want to sign something with out reading it through completely and understanding it. When you get to the interview the general procedure is they welcome you and introduce themselves. You will want to immediately bring up the fact that you have some changes/corrections for whatever questions on the n400. Every Officer handles things differently. Some may ask what corrections and immediately address them, others may tell you they will get to it when they do and instead go through the petition line by line or jump around from section to section. Whatever way they do it is how they do it. Just make sure the corrections are done before the interview ends. Because the corrections are related to names used they may want to run the background check again with the additional names listed which would cause an additional delay in approval.
  7. https://www.visajourney.com/profile/194749-mallafri76/
  8. Thats exactly why @Jorgedig was suggesting it's a strange error to make. 10x guidelines is roughly $200,000. That's drastically different than $35,000. Of course some people have occupations that are surprisingly well paid or live modestly below their means. Hopefully the discrepancy was because of this or an error in converting currencies.
  9. You posted this on another site right? The only bit that is different is a mention of seeing a F21 notation instead of CR/IR. F21 is spouse of an LPR. You need to get that corrected regardless if you do AOS or consular processing. Just an FYI to users here- the OP was told on the other site that he should not do AOS. Words were used like 'risky', 'not worth it' 'already showed intent by filing the 130' etc - hence his asking here. One comment did explain there is no 90 day rule but the majority opinion was discouraging him from filing AOS. Now I know most of us are tired of responding to the old can I AOS from ESTA question as its been asked and answered a million times over but in this case the OP is asking for confirmation as he was given bad advice elsewhere and is still unsure. Anyone who takes the time to contribute with the correct answer is much appreciated. ---- Intent is established by CBP when they let you in. Furthermore USCIS can not deny AOS for immigrant intent when it's a spouse of a US citizen unless USCIS can prove that you lied to enter the US. Did you lie when you entered? If no you are allowed to file AOS and be approved. Its that simple.
  10. Wait a 'friend' is going to charge you 1000-1500 dollars? Doesn't seem like much of a friend especially when looking at the average salary there.
  11. You are understanding it correctly. CA is a very immigrant friendly state. They have their own state funded programs they allow immigrants to use. Because they are state funded and not federally funded the federal gov has no input on them. Some programs are funded by both state and federal funds because it was just easier for the state to do it that way rather than create a whole new program. Its important to know what you are applying for and to confirm with the worker helping you that you are in fact not getting federal benefits and that they have you entered into the system designated properly so the benefits you are getting are being given with state funds and not federal funds. Med cal also considers assets btw. You are correct in how they determine household size and such. I am not sure though if you are 'pretending to not understand' what SussieQQQ was saying or if you really dont get it. For your parents to claim they are in no need of any assistance because their children are high income/fully responsible/ funding treatment is not an issue for the interview. Those were your words. For the interview you are going to claim no assistance will be needed yet later you will apply for Med Cal and for the Med Cal application- there is no high income or other person responsible nor available funding for their treatment. Do you see the issue in having X be for one set of circumstances and for Y as another? Why dont you tell them at the interview that they qualify for Med Cal and plan to take advantage of it? You obviously understand things enough to know they will be looked at more favorably one way vs the other. I want to use the word misrepresentation here but because that word has a very specific definition in immigration I think perhaps the better term to use is deceptive or misleading. Neither of which is a good idea in the interview. If you are going to apply for Med Cal because they qualify then you need to say so in the interview. Do not mislead them or attempt to present the overall financial picture differently depending on who is asking.
  12. I believe AJ2019 has a typo and it should say waiver for 751. The 864 can be enforced 2 ways. By the gov to recoup federal means tested benefits or by the immigrant suing for support - which when granted means the sponsor paying the immigrant apx 1k/month as long as the 864 is in effect. Not all welfare benefits are federal means tested. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/417935-getting-sued-using-i864/ https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/665981-getting-sued-using-i864-part-2/#comments
  13. https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=granuleid:USC-prelim-title8-section1183a&num=0&edition=prelim Its all in the link above. I dont think you need me to pull the specific sections. They also do not count Qs in which you got a means tested benefit hence the official wording of 40 qualifying quarters (something else for the OP to consider overall). There is no centralized 864 system to see if the 864 is in effect or not. I know theres been talk of some kind of system being implemented but so far its all talk. Right now its kind of a backwards system where when you apply for benefits the agency issuing them needs to determine if you have an 864 in effect or not. Its part of the overall application process for the benefit and can be a simple yes or no question on the application or they can ask for proof of such in which you would need SS statements to show you can be credited with 40 qualifying quarters. The link above explains what makes a Q qualify.
  14. Just because your notice does not have wording of this extends your status it doesnt mean it doesnt extend your status. I dont know why they decided to remove the wording of this is an extension and replace it with wording about reusing biometrics. Maybe to save ink?? Your employer should be able to accept the NOA regardless if it has wording of being an extension. In their system they need to examine the receipt and look that its a NOA 797 the EAD category code and the expiration date. You can print the webpage or refer them to- https://www.uscis.gov/working-in-the-united-states/information-for-employers-and-employees/automatic-employment-authorization-document-ead-extension if your HR person has issues with the notice not specifically stating its an extension.
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