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  1. So if my service center is vermont does it then go to MSC and then my local officee?
  2. MSC seems to process everything so quick! I wonder why all the other service centers take so long
  3. Yes we will try applying after 3 years with crossed fingers. Geowrian could you try sending me a private message, I had a few other questions and could use your input but was unsuccessful in sending you a message myself. Thank you everyone for your help and responses!
  4. Yea this was what I was thinking as well, I guess we will have to wait the 5 years.
  5. Thank u for the clarification. I know that trump recently sent out a memo on collecting the payback of funds. What is your take on this? Should we all be very worried about the idea of LPR's taking public benefits.
  6. Thank you that makes it much clearer. I was wondering, how do you claim the credits while married? Using the example you mentioned above, lets say due to combining we have 40 total and we are still married. How do I notify USCIS that the contract is terminated? Must I do something to ensure I have claimed the credits. OR is it that if i divorce afterwards and my spouse wants to sue me I just bring up this defense in court. I was also wondering how would the government know we have satisfied the 40 due to double stacking? Lets say the government wants to sue me for medicaid use, would I go to court again and present the double stacking defense?
  7. Hello Geowrian, I dont understand what is meant by the phrase "credits could have been claimed" . could you please further elaborate on this? Thank you.
  8. But you do have to wait until you are a LPR for 3 years I believe? So just to confirm, once you have the 3 year LPR status then you can file for the N-400 regardless of if the i751 is still pending to be approved?
  9. Basically she loves her job and did not want to move, we just decided to make it work long distance. We regularly visit each other (have pictures for proof of travel etc) and also share same bank account. And yes we are, she should be getting the 10 year green card soon.
  10. My spouse got a greencard through me and they have been an LPR for 2 years now. We dont live together for a legitimate reason: I got accepted into a school that is far and that required me to move out of our house we share so that I can attend. Can they somehow apply for a passport in 3 years or no since we dont live together?
  11. For those of who have sponsored immigrants using the i-864. Will the government really start enforcing us to repay back the means tested benefits? Is anyone else as worried as I am? I am a little confused as to what constitutes means tested benefits, is it only the following: Medicaid, SSI, Temp assistance for needy families, and state child health insurance program. My spouse currently does not have medicaid but has health insurance from New York State that is for people who are ineligible for medicaid (LPRs in the 5 year ban) and are low income called the "essential plan". Would anyone know if this is considered a means tested benefit that is from NY state. Thank you.
  12. Hey Geowrian, I needed advice on AOS, this might be off topic but I couldn’t send you a private message. For the AOS, If a sponsored immigrant works and receives means tested benefits in the same year that he/she works does that mean that the 4 quarters obtained from work don’t count as “qualifying credits” to end the i864 contract because they received let’s say Medicaid for example? Thank you
  13. Does work done by an illegal immigrant using an itin number, if transferred over to the ssa once obtained a valid green card/ss number after marriage (and now the ss statement reflects earnings done during the years while using itin) count towards qualifying credits (towards the goal of 40) needed to terminate the existing i-864 contract? Or, is the opposite true, that since the work was done without a valid work visa or ss number it will not count towards qualifying credits even though the ss statement now shows the earnings obtained during the years the illegal immigrant were with the itin number.
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